Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute cord damage

Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute cord damage

Here is a picture of the damage to the cord of our Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute. This was caused by our refrigerator. I covered all the details of that in a previous article. After writing that article I was unaware that Camilla Maddern who is the Dyson UK PR Manager had contacted me with an email. That piece of correspondence had ended up in my Bulk Mail folder of another email account that is suppose to be forwarding. At the time for some reason that process wasn’t working smoothly. I’ll be sure to thank her for making such quick contact and apologize for not getting back to her sooner.

As the picture above clearly shows a decent chunk was taken out of the power cord. Honestly I’m not sure how the cord ended up getting stuck the way it did under the refrigerator. I was as gentle as I could be when trying to remove the cord from under this appliance. It’s rather obvious that I was not very successful at this task. The Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute still works fine. But the damaged cord is going to have to be repaired soon.

The other day Cheryl made a call to the United States customer service for Dyson. Surprisingly the call went smoothly. However the automated diagnostic process was not put into use. Cheryl was just given the part number, the price and the nearest authorized Dyson repair facility location. In our area it seems authorized repairs are handled by a shop located in Peoria, IL. This is about an hour and half drive from where we live. On the positive side of this we do make trips up that way on a fairly regular basis.

The part price was quoted at $26. Not as bad as I thought it might be. This of course doesn’t cover labor cost or anything else that might come up during the repair process. Honestly as durable as the Dyson seems to be I was surprised the cord gave out so easily in this battle.

Before everyone reading this thinks I’m starting to get negative on our Dyson vacuum. Please take the time to read my other articles on this product. You will find some very useful customer feedback both positive and negative. So far I’ve been more than happy with our Dyson purchase. I just really didn’t think the cord was that stuck at the time of this incident. I’d also figured the cord would be a bit more durable than what it actually was. The amount of force used to get the cord unstuck was not extreme by any means.

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