Herbie the Love Bug or a replica

Herbie the Love Bug in Chatham IL

I’m not sure what the story is behind this Herbie The Love Bug. Honestly I don’t feel like going and asking my neighbor to give me all the details. Over the years many people have made their own replicas of the Volkswagen Beetle made famous in the movies as Herbie The Love Bug. However during movie production various Volkswagen Beetle’s have been used for different scenes. So the Herbie pictured above may have some history that connects it to the well know movies.

All I do know is that as of this morning this Herbie The Love Bug was in Chatham Illinois. I’ve not gone to look if it is still here. My neighbor is the trucker who operates the big rig pictured above. It is not unusual to see a loaded truck with cars parked here. For security reasons that might not be something that should be mentioned. But enough people drive by daily to know that this is the case. Until the other day I’d never really given the cargo a second glance. So who knows how many interesting vehicles I may have missed up until this point.

Lakeshore Motor Carriers Inc of Chatham IL is the company providing transportation to whatever destination these vehicles are headed for. The license plate for this Herbie The Love Bug is from California. From a quick glance the tags looked current. NPY 658 is the tag on the plate.

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  1. Please check out Love Bug Central
    This site is dedicated to the “Herbie” The Love Bug movies and all of his fans around the world. We have put together this site to honor Herbie via information, photos, interviews and contributions by Fans.

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    “As for the above. The Herbie pictured is a replica.
    It’s a post 1964 Beetle (large windows), with incorrect 1958-1961 style small tail lights.”

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