Mr. Peanut’s Planters Nutmobile Staybridge Suites Springfield Illinois

Even though I was aware that Mr. Peanut’s Planters Nutmobile would be in the Springfield Illinois area – I wasn’t actually trying to hunt it down when we came across it. This Staybridge Suites is also where the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile stayed last time it was in town.

The Planters Nutmobile is a much more environmentally friendly vehicle than the Wienermobile. Biodiesel fuels the Nutmobile – I’m not sure if it uses B20 or 100% biodiesel – B100. Peanuts can be used to produce biodiesel.

“it’s been filled with 5 percent biodiesel” Not cool when it’s very clear that diesel engines can easily run B100. Engine runs cleaner with higher biodiesel level.

Planters Nutmobile Sustainability Facts

Solar panels on the roof, along with a wind turbine, charge a battery that will power vehicle lights and audio when the Nutmobile is stopped, as well as provide energy for some tour stop needs

A two-hour drive in the Nutmobile will generate and store enough wind energy to power a one-hour tour stop event. This is the first time a wind turbine has been used to power a commercial vehicle of this nature.

Reclaimed wood (from an 1840’s barn that was being torn down) was used to create the interior flooring Interior lighting is provided by low-energy LED lights

Reclaimed headlights, windows and a windshield frame

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Planters is an American snack food company, a division of Kraft Foods

Mr. Peanut’s Planters Nutmobile is part of Planters Sustainability Mission

nutmobile 2013 Where We Are

The Planters Nutmobile is one nutty ride!

“Built in 2011, the Nutmobile is based around an Isuzu W4 Series commercial truck chassis and is powered by a 205-horsepower 4-cylinder diesel engine.”

Over the Edge: Planters Nut Mobile

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Planters cracks open a new ride for Mr. Nut

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