FireFox Still more secure?

Tabbed Browsing Flaws Detected

Chalk one up for IE…

Mozilla Foundation has released an update for the Firefox browser to fix a serious security problem

Ok lets be fair.

Internet Explorer hole opens up again

JPEG Exploit Proof of Concept

Exploit code for Microsoft JPEG flaw made public

Major graphics flaw threatens Windows PCs CNET

Internet Explorer SP2 – remote code execution

Now back to the supposedly more secure alternatives.

Critical Security Flaws in Mozilla, Thunderbird (Security)

Critical Flaws Flagged in Mozilla, Thunderbird

Latest Mozilla releases fix 10 security flaws CNET

Security » Firefox 1.0 PR fixes serious security flaws

Flaws threaten Windows, Linux PCs CNET

Security » Website gets through Firefox's pop up blocker

Software » [Bug] Firefox not saving Bookmarks

Security » Critical Security Flaws in Mozilla, Thunderbird

Michal Zalewski discovered vulnerability in Opera

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