Indian Summer Festival 2013 at Lincoln Memorial Garden Springfield Illinois

Honestly we weren’t even aware the Indian Summer Festival was taking place that day. But when we got to the Lincoln Memorial Garden Prairie Center – the road further up was closed off with barricades. We figured something had to be taking place and went exploring later on. This is when we came across the Indian Summer Festival.

I don’t recall attending this event in the past. Where the festival takes place used to be a very quiet rarely used portion of the gardens. It has now been cleared and a stage has been added. This takes away from what the area used to be slightly. But adds event space that can help Lincoln Memorial Garden raise money to keep operating.

Yes I did see the Fairy homes being built. At the time I wasn’t sure what they were. I didn’t record any of the homes because a little girl would have gotten in the video. Some parents and people in general can have a bad reaction to being record. To avoid any conflict I avoided recording the Fairy homes. Some don’t mind being filmed or photographed by traditional media – yet frown on private citizens or freelance / online media doing so – it’s odd in my opinion. Others just have a privacy security mindset and wish no one to record their image.

Lots of information on going green and recycling opportunities existed at this event. Products made from natural or recycled materials were also on sale. Live music, baked goods and other food vendors also worked the festival.

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