Tesla Model S inside Tesla Motors Chicago

I tried hanging around until I could get a recording without customers or other lurkers hanging around. That wasn’t possible – so I didn’t get the best quality video. Unlike my first visit to Tesla Motors Chicago – I didn’t get a good shot of the vehicle sticker ( Monroney sticker ). I thought the camera was zoomed in more on it – the video above shows I was wrong. Just felt kind of rushed that day – so I was trying to get what I wanted quickly.

The lighting doesn’t do that Model S justice. That car is green but looks black in the light. The store has been changed around since my first visit in 2010. At that time a Tesla Roadster was sitting where the Model S is now.

I combined two videos – at the end you can see the frunk ( front trunk ) of the Model S. You also see a Tesla employee servicing the car.

I still haven’t gotten to take a ride in a Model S. I was hoping to do so during National Plug In Day in Normal Illinois. Unfortunately that didn’t take place. I did record two Tesla Model S’s that day.

If you pay close attention to the video – you will actually see a family finalizing their Model S purchase. When you buy a Tesla Model S you get a cool lunch box. Which you get a slight glimpse of in the recording.

Disclaimer – I am a very minor Tesla Motors stock owner. Unfortunately I didn’t have near the amount of money I wanted to invest in this company. But I do own a few shares.

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Chicago Tesla Store Locations Tesla Motors

1053 W. Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60642


Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 6PM

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