Isringhausen Nissan LEAF once again

We weren’t out EV hunting the night I recorded the Isringhausen Nissan LEAF again. My very aggravated girlfriend was driving us to Walmart – to hopefully get the proper faucet hex wrench. Earlier in the day what we bought hadn’t worked – neither did what we bought at Walmart – they had a horrible selection. But we did get to see Mr. Peanut’s Planters Nutmobile.

The Isringhausen LEAF happened to be pulling out of a local restaurant parking lot as we headed for the stop light. Funny thing is I didn’t want my girlfriend driving this route – the highway is faster to Walmart. Rest assured she rubbed that fact in. Basically – you ( meaning me ) wouldn’t have gotten to see the electric car if we had drove your way.

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Video of the first time we saw this Nissan LEAF.

Isringhausen Nissan LEAF Springfield Illinois

Mr. Peanut’s Planters Nutmobile Staybridge Suites Springfield Illinois