Midwest High Speed Rail Association 2013 Fall Meeting Indianapolis Indiana part 1

This is part one of my Midwest High Speed Rail Association 2013 Fall Meeting recordings. The gathering was held at Crowne Plaza Convention Center ( previously Union Station converted for new use ) in Indianapolis Indiana.

My one critical comment of the event would be – I do not understand why many attendees chose to drive to the meeting. If you are promoting passenger rail and the convenience of this mode of public transportation – shouldn’t you be leading by example and using the service? There were several of us who did exactly that. For all the talk about the recent success of saving Amtrak Hoosier State – from my asking around – it seemed very few celebrated that success by actually purchasing a ticket and taking a ride. Rather hypocritical in my opinion. This also gives those against passenger rail and high speed service – ammunition and arguments to defend their viewpoint.

For the record I rode Amtrak Lincoln Service to Chicago. Stayed overnight and boarded Amtrak Hoosier State Friday evening to head to Indianapolis Indiana. Only stayed overnight because we had a hotel booked for Chicago already – girlfriend had continuing education class she was attending.

For those who might be interested. The original recording was done in 720P. Video content was a bit over 5GB when the 3 recordings that make up part one were combined. That video was processed using Arista Transcoder into the WebM codec at 720P. WebM is an Open Source codec from Google. Most YouTube viewers aren’t aware that WebM is what powers all highend video content on that service. The current video size is 149MB. With minimal loss of video quality.

Most modern day browsers that have been kept updated by end users – will play WebM right out the box. Apple Safari ( in past might not be the case now ) and older Internet Explorer versions will need a plug-in to view the content above. Helpful links to find that plug-in will be included below.

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