Phix Reload is now on sale

Phix Reload

Phix Reload is now available for sale. I made a purchase of this new product on 7/30/08. This order was dropped off yesterday by DHL. Not sure why they ended up leaving the package by the front of the garage. I’m thinking the person who was doing work on our home must have placed it there when I didn’t answer the door. It was lucky Cheryl saw it when coming home and didn’t run over it.

Phix Reload to me is a better way to package this product. I understand why you would want individual packets. But I think the Phix reload concept is less hassle and more eco conscience. Not to mention the fact that for some reason I haven’t had any luck with Phix packets opening smoothly for me lately. Which is odd considering the original sample I received had very easy to open packages. So I’m not sure what is going on with that. Maybe user error of some sort. Phix Reload resolves any such issues while giving you the option to recycle the product containers instead of putting more packaging into the waste stream.

I do have some minor feedback though. From my initial testing the product seems to flow out of the main container a bit slow. This might be by design. The capsules also don’t have a specific fill line. So I could see where a customer might not be sure how high to fill the capsule. Speaking of the capsules you can see the word biodegradable on the ones above. I’m not sure if this means that the capsules are made from the corn based plastics that are slowly starting to become more used. I know in my area there would be no way to recycle them. Our recycling program isn’t to liberal in what will be taken. So the reuse principal definitely will apply for me in this case. Hopefully there will be some way to not have these piling up with each new order.

What I would prefer to see would be some program that allowed customers to use some sort of prepackaged shipping to send back the used containers for recycling. It’s my opinion that if such a program is implemented and properly managed that you can in fact reduce production cost. I’m still not sure why TerraCycle doesn’t do this. They have a program in place that allows payment for collecting packaging that the company can use. Yet their actual customers have no way of contributing to that cause by shipping back their used bottles. You would think this would be a high priority for TerraCycle since the bottles used could easily be put back into the production cycle. Especially considering you would be putting the same none edible product back into those containers. With Phix Reload sterilization and other rules would have to be followed do to it being a food product I’m sure.

For some reason in the new containers I’m feeling the taste of the product is a bit better. To me there is a difference between the taste of an individual packet versus the new Phix Reload. Speaking of flavor I’ve definitely confirmed with my previous order that my taste buds don’t get along with the Citron flavor of Phix. With my original sample of the product I felt that Tropic and Citron where similar in flavor. However with my last order before this one my mind changed on that a bit. The Citron has a stronger taste that I just can’t get fully used to. I’ll be sticking with Tropic and Teaberry from now on. I’m still not understanding other reviews claiming a burst of flavors. While Phix does have a distinctive taste for each of the three flavors. I’m still not getting the wonderful word play of other reviews in regards to the product.

An interesting story in relation to that. The other day at the casino I’m drinking some Phix. One of the dealers I talk to often remarked that maybe if it looked better you could sell more of the product. Another dealer stated that if it didn’t look good then it must be good for you. Personally for me I can’t fully recall ever choosing a drink just because of it’s look. Taste and ingredients are key factors in my beverage choices.  Of course taste buds are different for each person. Cheryl didn’t seem to mind the taste of Citron Phix as much as I do. While I can drink that flavor it’s clearly not on my favorites list out of the three choices. For her that might be different.

In the future any Phix purchase I make will be the Reload product. Do to the packaging and what I find as an easier way to use the product. The capsule fills easily and even though the cap fits tightly it isn’t a struggle to take it off when you need to. Hopefully in the near future consumers will start to demand that companies use packaging that can be recycled or disposed of in a more ecofriendly manner. Personally I feel that a cradle to cradle approach just makes good business sense.

On another note I will be heading out to Seattle where the headquarters for Phix are located very soon.

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