Tower crane operator taking a long climb down to the ground in Chicago Illinois

From what I’ve read I think this construction crane is part of the Arkadia Tower development in Greektown Chicago Illinois.

I have more video of one of the operators doing daily work on the tower crane. I’ll provide that in another article. I just got lucky and looked out our hotel room at the right time to capture this recording.

Unfortunately during our recent stays I haven’t been able to record a worker taking the long climb up to the operator’s cab.

Definitely not a job I would want. Hanging over a construction site many stories in the air with nothing but a bit of metal flooring between me and a major plunge. But some people get an adrenaline high doing this type of work. I’d venture a guess the job would pay well.

It was cold that day – but probably considered mild by Chicago locals for this time of year. I bet it is no picnic taking that climb up or down in icy snowy conditions. Then again a hot Summer might not be to fun either. I assume the operators who do this work must be in good shape. Cardiovascular health must be top notch.

This operator made it look like a cake walk. Only took him about 3 and 1/2 minutes to climb down. A hard hat was waiting for him. You’d think they would have that in a box or something. I could see the hat being extremely cold / hot depending on time of year – not exactly something you’d want to put on your head.

From what I’ve seen no tie ins / safety gear is used while walking around up top or on the climb down. I’d assume this is standard protocol.

I’m not sure how high up that tower crane is. I was recording from the 15th floor in our hotel. Arkadia Tower is suppose to be 33 floors.

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