United Parcel Service where is my package

Here go once again. I need a package by this Wednesday at the latest and United Parcel Service ( UPS ) seems to be dropping the ball once again. The aggravating thing is that if I had paid for just standard shipping the package would have arrived today. It is very rare that when I place a Saturday order with TigerDirect that it doesn’t show up on Monday. But just to be safe I paid extra for UPS Next Day Air Saver. At this time that is looking like a big mistake. My UPS tracking number has yet to update which is very unusual.

I placed an order on 8/9/2008 at 12:32:02 AM. Normally a Saturday order would be received at my address by Monday. Under My Account the shipping date was the 10th. However the UPS site didn’t acknowledge receiving billing until the 11th. That of course is not unusual. Anyone who deals with package shipments knows that a tracking number may be given to the package from the shipper. But the ball doesn’t start rolling until billing is received and the package is in a UPS truck on it’s way to a sorting facility.

But what has me worried is that the UPS tracking number hasn’t updated all day today 8/11/08. Normally this information would have updated by now. Keep in mind once again that normally when paying just standard shipping I would have received a Saturday order on Monday. This isn’t always the case but many times this is way events take place.

At this time paying extra for Next Day Air Saver has me with no updated tracker information and no package at my doorstep. I paid for the shipping upgrade do to the fact that it was very important this package arrive at the latest Wednesday of this week.

So I have close to $450 worth of merchandise that should have been here today or at least have some updated information under the tracking number sitting in limbo somewhere. Of course I have no clue where that might be. Do to the fact that UPS the company that beats their chest about efficiency and tracking ability isn’t giving me data so that I know what is taking place with the shipping of my purchase.

Now to be fair UPS service has in fact improved in regards to our packages making it to or doorstep. This has been a long overdue achievement. If in fact this current situation is some blunder in the process it is something that isn’t as commonplace as it had once been. It is just extremely bad timing. I have to many other things to plan and get taken care of over the next few days. The last thing I need is to worry about if a shipment is going to arrive. Yes this was a last minute purchase. There are several reasons for that. However normally there wouldn’t have been an issue with a package from TigerDirect getting here in the timeframe I’m needing.

The auto reply email states I may get a reply within 48 hours. This unacceptable and would of course be to late for me to receive my purchase within time. I’ll be on the road without my recently purchased GPS unit by then.

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Update at 11:19 PM Central Time

Of course as soon as I hit the publish button on this article United Parcel Service ( UPS ) decides to finally come across my package. At this time it is in Addison, IL on schedule supposedly for a delivery date of tomorrow.

Update 2.0 at 1:45 PM Central Time 8/12/08

My purchase made it to the doorstep just a little while ago. I’ve unpacked the items and taken photos of them. I will try to get related articles along with these pictures posted today.