Strip poker hits Cingular phones

My aunt works for this company. “A tepid version of strip poker for cell phones is set to debut in the United States, and while there's no nudity–on the screen, at least–the game's distributor is preparing for complaints that it stretches the boundaries of good taste.”   Barely legal Strip poker hits Cingular phones  “Pfaff said the company is readying itself for a storm of indecency complaints. The U.S. version has been “toned down” from the one now available in Europe, where the virtual models are nude, due to more conservative U.S. attitudes towards nudity.” 

Again this just shows that this country is way more “morals” happy than the rest of the world. Well some parts of the world are more “morals” crazy than us. But that is another subject altogether. It's honestly sad how nudity has become demonized. I can understand that some people wouldn't want this being able to be viewed in public. I'd agree that it is up to parents to decide what is right and wrong to expose their children to. But people get bent out of shape about Victoria Secret ads. So they are bound to get all up in arms about this. For a country that is supposedly based upon freedom. It sure seems at times our freedoms can be very restricted. Are the graphics for this “game” going to be that good? Wouldn't someone have to be looking pretty much over your shoulder to see what your viewing on your cell phone? The only way I could see someone being offended by this. Is if they were being nosy or the audio was blaring.

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