Garmin 2009 Map Update is taking ages to install

I broke down today and purchased the Garmin 2009 Map Update from Circuit City. It was a bit more expensive than a few other online stores. But having the option to buy online and pick the item up in-store within 20 minutes was worth the $10 price increase. This is my first time doing a map update for a GPS unit. So I don’t have any past experience to compare this one to. I’m still thinking this process should be going a bit faster. 

I did all the other updates in regards to firmware etc before I’d even made my purchase of the Garmin 2009 Map Update DVD. Honestly I think Garmin and I’m sure other GPS manufacturers could improve this process. There should just be an option within the GPS menu that starts the update process when you select it and are connected to the internet. Instead you have to go through an aggravating signup process on their website. You also have to install one plugin and then Garmin’s software so that your GPS device can communicate with their website properly. Once I got the update going everything did go smoothly. I’m currently at 47% for the new map install. 

I’m thinking it is rather ridiculous that this unit didn’t come with the latest firmware. While I am aware that product can’t sit in a warehouse or on store shelves for some time. You would think a refurbished GPS unit would have been checked more recently to make sure that it was good to be resold. I would think part of this process would include checking for updates that were available at the time.

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