VIZIO M3D550KDE 55” Class LED Smart TV with Theater 3D not working properly

Just getting our new television into our home was a major amount of drama. It was actually one of the worst customer experiences I have had in recent memory. According to my records the TV was shipped the same day as I ordered it. Honestly I thought it took a couple of days. I had placed the order before the Black Friday rush hoping to miss all the shipping drama that event can bring. It would seem either I got caught up in that yearly mess anyway or shipping of big tickets items needs streamlined / tweaked. My thought is the drama was caused by a bit of both – mega shopping season and shippers not prepared to properly handle the business.

Normally TigerDirect ( where I purchased the television ) is good about getting items shipped quickly. They have a warehouse located outside of Chicago. So in most cases Illinois residents can pay standard shipping rate and still receive their purchase next day. There have been exceptions to this over the years. I felt I had made my purchase in plenty of time to receive the television within a few days time.

After almost a week of waiting I finally receive a call about delivery. Imagine my aggravation when after receiving the call I was told I’d be waiting several more days for delivery. Unfortunately the day offered for delivery was a weekend and we were scheduled to be out of town. The person on the other end of the phone had an attitude and stated take it or leave it – I may be able to get the television to you in two weeks – after I bid the job out.

Calls to TigerDirect to resolve the problem were completely useless. After multiple calls much arguing and attitude given from both ends – we did get shipping charges refunded ( $74.83 ). Honestly that really didn’t make everything alright – especially when they had treated me – a customer who has done business with them for over a decade like they could care less about the purchase history. Granted every customer should be treated like they are important and their business appreciated. But you would think buying from the same company for over a decade would get you even better treatment.

I still don’t understand why the television was shipped the way it was. TigerDirect used AIT Logistics for delivery. Their status update page is useless and doesn’t offer real time updates. It also doesn’t use terminology that any consumer would understand. Calling AIT Logistics wasn’t of any help either – just the usual runaround you get when seeking support.

The television was shipped from Chicago to St Louis – I’m assuming on an airplane – do to the shipping label. If it was shipped in a truck then it drove right through our city Springfield Illinois on the way to St Louis – actually the AIT Logistics warehouse is in a suburb – Maryland Heights MO. TigerDirect normally uses UPS ( United Parcel Service ) to delivery their products. Granted UPS probably would have destroyed the TV – FedEx might have given a bit more care. Point being – Springfield is only a few hours away from Chicago. Seems rather pointless to fly the television all the way to St Louis then drive it in a cargo van an hour and half back North to Springfield – instead of just driving it South in a truck from Chicago.

When the television started acting up originally I thought it might be related to the cold weather. LED televisions are known to have performance issues in some climates and like all products have temperature specifications for optimal usage. During these Winter months we have kept our home in the low 70’s – so I didn’t think there should be a problem do to temperature. But with the extreme cold I thought maybe humidity, barometric pressure or something else might be the source of the issue.

Once we started thinking about how the television was shipped we thought maybe a unpressurized cargo hold might have had some type of effect on the unit.

The delivery agent did not unbox the television. We hadn’t paid for “white glove” service so that wasn’t expected. Although it might have helped to make up for all the drama. The unit was delivered in a standard size cargo van. From the van to our living room was not a long distance. I didn’t see this until after the driver had left – but a small corner of the box did have slight damage. From what I saw later this didn’t get past the foam corner protection – so it shouldn’t have caused an issue with the TV.

I laid multiple thick comforters on our wood floor and unboxed the television onto them. I also recorded all my unboxing and the condition of the unit as it was unpacked. At no time did I see anything of concern. There was never a time where the box or the television was dropped etc. As much as possible I kept everything laying flat.