VIZIO M3D550KDE 55” Class LED Smart TV with Theater 3D not working properly

The combined videos above show varying degrees of the problem. It has gradually gotten worse and more frequent. When the problem first appeared – which was only a few days after being setup – I started hunting for a solution. Reading the troubleshooting portion of the manual, reading VIZIO website, online forums and other troubleshooting resources.

Here are the methods I tried – external media to make sure it wasn’t a cable television or box problem. Tried another set of HDMI cables. Power cycled the television. Reset the TV to factory defaults. Did a full factory reset multiple times. None of these resolved the problem.

After not being able to fix the problem ourselves we then called VIZIO Support. All support wanted to do is run us through all the things we had already done again. No matter how many times they were told we had already done that – got the answer if we didn’t do it again over the phone they couldn’t help us. That didn’t go over well – so after a less than pleasant call we hung up with no resolution to the problem. For several months now we have just dealt with the problem rather than go through the hassle and drama of a call to support.

Of course when I tweeted VIZIO on Twitter they wanted a case number. Which doesn’t exist because we were never given one – because we refused to be ran through hoops. Basically VIZIO has been useless in helping to resolve a problem with their product. Even after I directly linked a similar video as the one above directly to them in a tweet.

Here is an easy solution to all this. Schedule a service call if the customer is found to be at fault they pay – if the television is found to have a defect or other problem not caused by the customer – VIZIO pays for the service call. Saves time hassle and money. No running through multiple steps over the phone – no back and forth – just a simple solution – service call scheduled.

While I was out of town my girlfriend decided to take matters into her own hands and very gently tapped on the back of the television in the middle. Not sure why she thought this would solve anything. But amazingly it actually worked and the TV would then provide the proper picture.

What does this tell us? It clearly shows that this is NOT a settings issue. It most likely means something that shouldn’t be loose is or that there is an issue with the backlight. But it is very clear to me that no amount of factory resets or playing with settings will resolve the problem. A certified technician needs to make a service call.

Even though there has been nothing but drama with this purchase – I think we got a great price. We paid $606.99 adding a SquareTrade 4-Year TV Warranty for $99.98. Shipping cost of $74.83 was refunded. Order was placed October 27, 2013. So we have been dealing with this problem for several months.

Information label print date on back of television is August 9 2013. Unit was Assembled in Mexico/TSCEM.

Television does NOT support all common media codecs for external media – making it useless to play a good amount of content from a USB drive. Wireless network is easy enough to setup – but no easy method to stream content from a computer. Google Chromecast resolves this. But shouldn’t be needed with a “Smart TV”.

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