Extreme Nissan LEAF Springfield Illinois

On our way to Maldaner’s in downtown Springfield Illinois last Saturday night – we ran into two crazy drivers. One of them driving a Volvo ended up at the restaurant. For some reason that driver and an older man in a minivan – thought Capitol Ave was a one-way street. So they were driving in the wrong direction into oncoming traffic.

Of course we were in the proper lane trying to turn left. We had to wait for the idiot drivers to complete their left turns. As we headed for the next stoplight – I just happened to look out my window at the right time to see this Nissan LEAF.

I am not sure if this is a local LEAF owner or someone just visiting. It is good to see an electric car driver in the area showing that these vehicles can be driven in any weather – just like a gasoline powered car. Downtown Springfield Illinois isn’t a place offering many charging station options. From what I have personally seen – the Memorial Medical Center parking garage offers the best charging choices. Access at times may be limited and this is NOT free charging – there is a fee. I’m not sure what the actual cost is. As far as I’m aware no other parking garages in the city offer electric car charging.

Extreme Nissan is a dealership out of Bloomington Illinois. I first encountered Extreme at the EVening of EVs event inside Marriott Hotel Normal IL Thursday January 26th 2012. The company also had sales people present during the 2013 National Plug In Day gathering in Normal.

It would be possible to drive a Nissan LEAF from Bloomington to Springfield on one charge. This of course would be testing the maximum range capability – cutting things close – without a quick top off in Lincoln – which I don’t think is currently even possible.

The Nissan LEAF above is NOT one of the ones I recorded inside the Uptown Station Parking Deck on National Plug In Day. One of those LEAFs was purchased at Extreme Nissan.

Unfortunately the Extreme LEAF here in Springfield – did not have an Illinois Electric Car ( EL ) license plate. So I can’t add to my collection of EL plates.

An electric cars torque should provide a quality experience in the snow. The low center of gravity in most EV’s also provides better stability – do to a more center / equally balanced weight distribution.

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