Socks on seat Business Class Amtrak Lincoln Service

Amtrak Lincoln Service Business Class seating normally has less passenger problems than coach. Unfortunately that statement is starting to become less true – as many riders are becoming aware of the upgraded seating choice.

In coach many passengers treat seats like they are at home. Kicking their feet up, taking shoes off, putting feet all over the seats, having their personal items scattered everywhere and placing their shoes or socked feet in or around other seats. The amount of food mess in coach aisles on some trips is disgusting. Makes you scared to see what dirty clutter these people live in at home.

While it is nice that riders feel comfortable enough to feel at home on a train. Most have no consideration for others around them or passengers who might board later in the journey. Some Amtrak crews will make multiple announcements in regards to personal items in the seats – keeping shoes where they belong etc. Announcements in regards to keeping headphones on with personal devices and at a low volume aren’t made anymore with any recent crews.

Granted most of the rule breakers ignore or can’t hear these messages. Most of them are to busy blasting “music” under their headphones when wearing them – to even hear what is being said over the train public address system. Granted in many cases it’s not working well in the cars. Business Class PA system is notorious for not working on Lincoln Service trains. Many times only the speaker in the Cafe seating area works – not further up in the car with BC seating.

Even when heard – these messages get completely ignored. Crews don’t actually enforce any of the rules they speak about in the announcement anyway. Which is why I think the noise announcements have been done away with.

Interesting thing is the young man shown above kept giving me questioned looks when I was having several conversations on my phone about Business Class passengers once again being treated like second class. Granted I wasn’t keeping things at a tone I should a few times. I was more than in the right to complain.

But this young man “of class” who might have been offended by my tone – thinks it is just fine to put his socks on a public food tray. The item he has his socks on is multipurpose – one purpose being used as a food tray. I guess he feels that passengers who use his seat later should have his foot leftovers. These trains aren’t always cleaned to the highest standards when being turned around in St Louis to head back to Chicago.

Funny thing is when he knew I was talking about the situation this wannabe redneck had the decency to take his damn socks off the back of the seat.

He isn’t the first person to kick his socked feet up while riding in Lincoln Service Business Class. Last time I saw this behavior it was an Amtrak employee riding with his wife or girlfriend. Great way to lead by example!!

Luckily the young man’s feet didn’t stink – but it still shows a lack of class and great amount of selfishness. Of course several times this man and his female companion broke noise rules by not using headphones and having their device spewing it’s audio throughout the small passenger area.

The reason many Amtrak customer service issues aren’t being addressed – is because crews don’t care and won’t enforce rules or only do so when they feel like it. Many times they only enforce rules to get back at someone who has annoyed them or called them out on their lack of giving a damn. On top of this the majority of Amtrak passengers in Coach and BC are like the person above. They just do what they want without consideration for others.

I’m sure the nice older lady heading home to Chicago from St Louis really appreciated having to look at this passengers socks for a good portion of her trip. After complaining she did get her free newspaper when we got to Springfield Illinois station. Like me – she was less than happy to be ran through one coach car to load into Business Class in St Louis – because Amtrak employees couldn’t be bothered to make sure the Cafe car door was open to allow BC passengers to load where they should and to cause less drama for Coach riders.

All that is another rant for a future article. Of course the common excuse is – it is stuck etc. Guess who cares about safety to have the door working properly. The other side of the Cafe car had it’s door open – but that is the opposite side of the passenger loading platform.

I guess many Amtrak passengers are related to the cowboy in the movie Casino.

Video was recorded inside Business Class Amtrak Lincoln Service Train 304 on February 11, 2014.

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