Starting Gnomedex 2008 journey tomorrow

Were are officially starting our Gnomedex journey tomorrow. This year I didn’t ask any vehicle manufacturers to step up to the plate with an ecofriendly car. Not that anyone had the courage to even inquire about what I was wanting to achieve last year. There are many things I wanted to get written here before I left. Nothing new about that of course. But there have just to many other things getting in the way of me accomplishing that.

Today was not a pleasant day at all. Nothing but aggravation and stress. At least one person did agree with me in regards to Garmin driving directions. Yes like many others I like getting validation from time to time. I’ve been holding back in regards to posting my thoughts on this years Gnomedex. Lets just say if it turns into a TED timeframe that would be a big mistake. Not to many of the speakers wowed me last year. I did have a really great conversation with one of them at the Seattle Aquarium Gnomedex 2007 party. When I shut up for a few moments I actually heard some interesting stories as well. I’m really to tired to go dig up pictures of last years Gnomedex to post. Loading the car and getting everything ready today has taken a lot out of me. Hopefully I’ll find the energy to get up early so we can get on the road soon.

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