Total Cable Solutions Tesla Model S Supercharging Uptown Station Parking Deck Normal Illinois

Not the best video I have ever taken for sure. This is actually a combination of 2 videos. For future reference I shouldn’t try to record a moving vehicle and talk on a Samsung Galaxy S5. Running on 3 hours sleep doesn’t help much either.

I first saw this Tesla Model S as I was leaving Level 2 of the Uptown Station Parking Deck in Normal Illinois. I was doing one last check of the charging stations before leaving on Amtrak.

As soon as I saw the lights I headed for the elevator and Level 3. Got there in time to see the Model S coming around the corner. In years past I have had mixed results when recording people. So as soon as the car was parked I turned off the camera.

When I saw the passenger exit the vehicle I headed over to see how receptive they would be to a conversation. To let them know I wasn’t a murdering psycho – I showed them my Tesla keychain and explained I was a minor stockholder. I made sure to thank them for their purchase.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the drivers near miss of the concrete retaining wall. There were a couple of serious near misses. The video picks up after those had been worked out.

I didn’t linger or get the camera focused to great on this Model S’ stats. It is really cool to see how truly fast Tesla Superchargers “re-fuel” an S.

This was the first time I actually got to talk to an owner at this location. Both occupants were very pleasant. It was explained to me that they were on their way to Las Vegas for a trade show / conference from Ohio. Of course they were putting to use the FREE to use Tesla Supercharging network to get them to their destination.

The back of the Tesla Model S has full of all the items needed for the Total Cable Solutions Las Vegas booth. This car has that much space. Of course all the luggage was located in the frunk = the front trunk of a Model S.

We discussed how serious Normal Illinois is about providing electric charging stations to the community and visitors. Both got to see their first Mitsubishi iMiev – there are plenty to be seen in Normal. I made sure to give them a tour of the other charging stations located inside this parking garage. We explored the Level 2 chargers and the Eaton Level 3 CHΛdeMO DC fast charging station.

They took a picture of the EVTown information posted on the Eaton Level 3 charger.

Disclaimer – I am a very minor Tesla Motors stock owner. Unfortunately I didn’t have near the amount of money I wanted to invest in this company. But I do own a few shares.

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