Neal Thompson “The Lord” Earth Day Forest Park St Louis 2014

As I was having a conversation with a member of the St Louis Gateway Electric Vehicle Club – my girlfriend alerted me to Neal Thompson. We first saw Neal back in 2012 on Route 4 just outside of Chatham Illinois. When we talked to Neal he thought it had been last year. But it has been almost 2 years since I got my first photos of him.

Some of the articles I have read on Neal Thompson – make it seem like he has many encounters with law enforcement. Not exactly sure why everyone seems to freak out and call the cops when he is seen. As far as I have read he isn’t someone trying to recruit for a cult. From what I have read he has never been violent or caused any property damage. He just likes to take long walks and share his beliefs with others. In my previous article on Neal I documented the Illinois State Police stopping by to chat with him. Neal stated they were just seeing what he was doing and were polite.

The first time I saw this man we didn’t stop and chat with him. This time we had a quick interaction. I asked if I could get a few minutes of video – he quickly agreed. After the recording he introduced himself politely to us. Didn’t stick around to much longer after that. He did ask about the electric riding lawn mower before leaving.

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He is NOT homeless = this is inaccurate. Next time these young people put up a video “interview” they should do more research.

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