Who is this man Gnomedex 2008

Gnomedex 2008 who is this man

I should have known who this man is sinceĀ I looked at his conference badge. But at the moment I can’t seem to remember what that badge said. This photo was taken at the Gnomedex 2008 Thursday night party inside the Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center. Because of the man on the lefts style of dress there was a small buzz about who he was. Then again this is Gnomedex so chances are we should have already known who he is and what great achievements he has accomplished.

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4 thoughts on “Who is this man Gnomedex 2008”

  1. Cosmo G Spacely

    So, who are you trying to identify? The guy on the right with the south park tie, or the guy on the left, who is posing for your picture? What was the buzz?

  2. Sorry thought it was obvious. My original intention was to have the horn throwing gentleman identified. But the name and greatness of anyone seen in the picture is more than welcomed here. I had several people that night asked me who the person in the picture with the hand sign was. My honest answer was I didn’t know. Yes I probably should have. And truthfully if I had gone and done a small amount of looking around by now I’d have my answer.

  3. Hand signer = Kris Krug, noted open everything thinker and ace photographer (staticphotography.com also at raincitystudios.com)

    South Park tie = J. Stewart, network guru and political freedom fighter and podcaster (runs zhonka.net and clubsidebreakfasttime.com)

    both are 4+ year veterans for g.dex

    PS This year was very different than last years including the parties – it’s all good, very good in fact.

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