So the Friday night Gnomedex party pass buyers got screwed

I’m sure someone will come on here and defend how things have been done. But to me it looks as if the Friday night Gnomedex party pass buyers got a royal screwing this year. Every year I have attended some type of food was offered at Gnomedex parties. This year at the Showbox venue this won’t be the case. Not to mention the fact that after 9PM this evening the Gnomedex event will be open to anyone who has the online ticket. So what exactly is the benefit to the party pass purchasers? Why wasn’t this mentioned when the original purchase was made?

So let’s look at this from a logical perspective. The way this event was going to take place was known for some time. Yet no mention was made of this. I’m expected to pay $50 for a free event that won’t have any type of snack. Even though every year previous this has been the standard practice. Some years even included free drinks at some or all of the parties. Since no information on any of this was shared until today. I am now expected to make last minute dinner reservations.

Not only am I expected to find a meal for the evening. Attendees are expected to make dinner plans and get freshened up in an hour and fifteen minutes? If you want to get to the Showbox at the start of the party this would be exactly what you would have to do. Unless of course you don’t mind showing up late. I should have known something was odd when I didn’t receive a ticket for Cheryl to attend this evening’s event. So how am I supposed to handle that now? We have made a party pass purchase for her but have no ticket for access. I do of course have a printout of the purchase.

I’m probably going to be the only one steamed about this. To me it is a major thing and honestly I find it rather rude. I’m sure others won’t. If I had known how the Friday party had been planned I would have made Cheryl’s party ticket purchase for Thursday night. In the end I’ll probably just skip this year’s party and do something on our own. Honestly I’m too pissed to even think about having a good time now. I’m really considering just skipping the conference tomorrow and doing tourist things with Cheryl here in town.

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