Love in an elevator Robert Scoble style

With all the talk today at Gnomedex about privacy this classic moment is even more interesting. I’m sure many people over the years have shared an elevator with Robert Scoble and his wife Maryam. But you have to wonder how many have shared the classic moment I did this evening. While heading for an elevator I ran into a couple having a bit of love in the elevator. Nothing hot and heavy just a nice display of affection. Imagine my surprise and embarrassment when I realized who it was.

Robert and Maryam were the couple of course. Interesting enough I think Scoble remembered me. He also realized what a funny situation we were in. I made mention that it was too bad I didn’t have my camera out. If I’m remembering right he said something about how it would be a really good Valleywag moment. In the heat of things we had forgotten to ask for our floor button to be pushed. We rode the elevator up to the floor Scoble was on. During this time I tried to quickly introduced Cheryl to Scoble since they have never met before. So maybe not going to the Showbox tonight was a good thing after all. I definitely would have missed this classic moment if I had.

While it was rather awkward and I felt bad for ruining this private time in an elevator. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. This does however bring up the issue of privacy. It must be frustrating trying to be a normal couple when you are well known. No one would have been writing about Cheryl and me having a fun time in an elevator. When you are someone like Robert Scoble these things become interesting to others. Should these types of things just be kept to ones self? To respect the privacy of this couple should I have just appreciated the moment and moved on?

My hope is that everyone including Robert and Maryam will just find the humor in the situation and be relaxed with me trying to share it with the world. Honestly this turned a really bad day into a not so bad one. So hopefully the both of them can take comfort in that fact.

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