Things just keep getting even more weird

This evening is yet another example of how things have just been getting really weird the past few days. Not only did I not attend the second day of Gnomedex 2008 and no one seemed to miss me. Nobody seemed to find my Scoble article of interest as well. Even though I find it a pure classic. But tonight has taken the cake. I coming home to the hotel and walking down the hall to my room. Who should I see? Mr. and Mrs. Pirillo Chris’ parents of course. It seems they have been staying just two rooms down from Cheryl and me. Even though I’m less than pleased with my Gnomedex experience two years in a row. And of course I was so unhappy I skipped the second day for the first time ever. Although I’m in a less than pleasant mood I did my best to have a polite conversation with them.

Although I’ve tried put Gnomedex out of my life today it is all around me. Tonight at Anthony’s where we had dinner on the outside deck there were Gnomdexer’s all around me. Of course none of them have given me the time of day. Many of them are in the Edgewater bar right now as I type this. Not giving me so much as a nod even though many of them know who I am. None of this is anything new though. What is new is that the last person I would want to see this evening was holding court by the same elevators I saw Scoble doing love in the elevator inside of last night. Yes Chris Pirillo was holding court in the Edgewater Hotel lobby just a bit ago.

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Love in an elevator Robert Scoble style

So the Friday night Gnomedex party pass buyers got screwed

Who is this man Gnomedex 2008

Outside the Edgewater Hotel 2008

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