Kaspersky Personal Pro 5.0

Anyone who has seen my online postings over the years will know there are two software programs I've allows recommended. These are Kaspersky AVP and ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm. I've used versions of these products since 1999.

I honestly feel they are two of the best products on the market. Both products are promoted on the top left side of this blog. I also have helpful bookmark pages related to offering help with both products on the left hand side of this page.
Over the years I've seen my share of user complaints in regards to both products. Some of these have been extremely valid. Others in my opinion not so valid. I've always been lucky and never run into the problems other users are seeing. This fact has always interested me. Because I've never been able to figure out. What it is about my setup that helps me not to have the problems other users report from time to time.
Well some users can now be happy. I've ran into major problems in regards to the latest version of  Kaspersky AVP Pro 5.0. The personal version of this product ran excellent for me. But the pro version just killed my machine. Started with an uninstall of the personal 5.0 version I was running. Did a reboot of the machine. Then proceeded to install the latest build of pro. The installation went well. It took my license key with no issues. Key file was of course a legally bought license. After installing the build the machine was rebooted. After reboot – opened Kaspersky Pro to look at what it had to offer and set my usual settings. The machine ran a little slow with my settings. But nothing I couldn't deal with. When I set things to max – I expected a little sluggishness from time to time. But not constantly. I dealt with things all day yesterday and wasn't to unhappy. I will say I was highly dissappointed not to see certain features in the pro version. Other long time users are also expressing some concerns in this thread. My thoughts can be found on this page of that thread.
I didn't leave the machine running overnight as I usually do. Did a full shutdown of the system for the night last night. This afternoon I needed to do some quick work. So started up the machine. Boot process goes well until it's time to start loading software. This was unusually slow. Now since I only load ZAP, KAV and the windows XP wallpaper changer on startup. It's highly irregular for me to see a slow load of those products on startup. Had to reboot the machine a few times to resolve this issue. Even after the three products loaded on startup. Machine response time was absolutely horrible. My intial reaction was it must be a settings issue. So after fighting with slow response time. I was able to get into the KAV interface and lower my settings back to recommended. This did nothing to resolve the problem. So I decided that a reboot of the machine might help the new settings to take effect. After the reboot – again the three software that load at startup were a bit slower than normal to load. Machine response time was still very slow. I checked to make sure the new settings were still in effect. They in fact were still properly enabled.
My next thought was to restart the machine without Kaspersky loading. To make sure it was the KAV causing the issue. I should state that doing a control alt delete showed that the kavmm.exe ( hope I got that wrote down right ) was having extreme memory usage fluctuation. Spiking as high as 55% several times. So I took KAV out of startup using msconfig. The machine was then rebooted. Kaspersky did not load after reboot – which it wasn't supposed to. Yet I was still seeing problems like what is mentioned above. A quick glance with control alt delete shows that the kavmm.exe process is still running. Even though Kaspersky hadn't loaded and was set not to load on startup. I had to go into my services and manually shut this process down. Only after doing this. Did the machine come back to normal.
Lets keep in mind I had none of these issues when running the latest build of Kaspersky AVP personal 5.0. Nothing on my machine had been changed except for installing the Kaspersky pro version 5.0 ( latest build ). It would seem kavmm.exe isn't a part of the personal build. So I'd say my problems were in direct relation to that process. Because the latest Kaspersky Personal 5.0 build is now back on this machine and running very smoothly.
I've publicly stated I think the pro version was rushed out the door. It seems no public beta testing was done. Which is a bit unusual. Because Kaspersky is normally very good about doing public testing before a full release. Even more frustrating is for the first time in the company history. It seems as if user feedback isn't fully being listened to. Because if it had we wouldn't be seeing the user complaints in the forum thread I linked above.
I still personally feel that Kaspersky is the best antivirus protection you can buy. I've always felt there antivirus product offers the best protection against virus, worm, trojan and malware. This has been proven true time and again. In real world results. But my recent experience with the pro version. Has left me with a bit of a sour grapes taste at the moment.
Every company has a bad build. Or occassionally has users seeing issues not seen by others in testing. It's highly unusual for me to see the types of issues other users are seeing. I'm always the one posting. Well I'm not seeing that. The product works well for me. I can say the current build of Kaspersky Pro doesn't work well for me. I've got full faith they will correct what needs to be corrected. This company has always had a good reputation of listening to it's user base. And resolving any reported issues.
For users wanting to try out the latest Kaspersky Pro build. Id say do so with a bit of caution. Your expereince may not mirror mine. Things might come up smelling roses for you. My opinion of this company has not changed. But I'll definitely be waiting for the next build of pro. Before trying to upgraded again.
My machine is a 1.24 GHz Celeron with 256 MB RAM. Yes I know it's not the latest or greatest. Yes I know I could use more RAM. Currently running the ZoneLabs security suite beta. Yes it has antivirus included. Yes it is disabled. Yes I said beta. But it runs just fine with KAV personal 5.0. So the ZoneLabs suite isn't causing the issue blogged about above.
I'm still a supporter of Kaspersky. Again – my opinion on the company hasn't changed. For the record yes I'm an affiliate of Kaspersky and do sell their software. My review above of their current pro product. Should show you I'm definitely not going to sugar coat things do to that. I also sell a few of their competitors on my main site.
I'd personally like to thank those who made some very kind comments in the Kaspersky thread. To me that lets me know that others have understood my thoughts on this software. It also makes me feel as if maybe what I do on a daily basis makes a little difference every once in awhile.

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