Mikey for President at Mount Rushmore

Mikey for President at Mount Rushmore

I wanted to take this photo last year but unfortunately my Mikey for President T-shirt didn’t show up before we left for Seattle. I missed several opportunities last year to meet employees of Orange County Choppers. The company had events at Sturgis and the Illinois State Fair in 2007. I was in Sturgis for the setup of the Rally that year. But didn’t have the time to find out if OCC was in town. Of course I wasn’t here for the state fair since I was heading for Seattle. Maybe this photo has a bit more flavor since it is an election year.

The crazy thing is I could see that only a few people got the humor. Many people seemed to take offense to me wearing this T-shirt. Others actually seemed to start having a political discussion after glancing at this article of clothing. What I would consider an old hippie couple really looked to be having an intense political discussion after I walked by. While my intent wasn’t to stir debate but just to do something I saw as humorous I’m starting to rethink that now.

So lets analyze this just a bit. Could Mikey actually do any worse than many past Presidents from either party? In truth the President is merely a puppet or figure head to take the heat for those who really control the agenda. This isn’t some conspiracy theory by the way. Real life history supports this statement. No matter what the former CIA employees would like Dan Rather to believe. I’d venture to bet though that Mikey wouldn’t put real solutions in place for the energy crisis that may or may not be. Not that America is ever going to get it’s head out of it’s ass and apply real solutions to the oil dependency problem. Honestly you would think that the gearheads of the world be the first to come up with innovative ways to fuel our vehicles. The sad fact is to many of these types are stuck with the old mentality and think noise and smell equal the size of the package between their legs.

Would foreign policy suffer under the guidance of Mikey? Again I’d say if left alone to do his own thing the problems of the world wouldn’t get any worse. In some respects they might even lighten up a bit. The world we live in could use a little bit of humor and honestly the political machine is long overdue for a new way of thinking. There are many of you who feel that Barack Obama is exactly that. What many of you have failed to take into account is that once again all of the current Presidential candidates have come from the same political machine. Barack Obama comes from Illinois politics which has a rather tarnished history. All the words you hear are carefully crafted and practiced. Time and time again the American public gets an acting job that has been manipulated to say what the party leaders think the public wants to hear or what will get their candidate elected. How can things be truly from the heart when they have been touched by the hands of many and revised time and again? I’ve always wondered how you can truly expect someone man or woman to be a leader when they themselves are led by others.

I was asked awhile back on this site by an old friend who I would be voting for. He asked this question I’m sure because of my about face on Clinton years ago. If I had answered I would have said Obama. Not because I believe the hype. But because he would be the better choice out of the options available. Do I truly feel things will be different and our country would take a direction for the better if he is elected? Not one bit. The last person who got elected by the political machine and didn’t follow their wishes ended up shot in the head. Again not a conspiracy theory read and watch the real life history. I’d love to be wrong but I see no true change coming. No matter who gets the vote in the end we will see the same politics as usual game. There is only one thing that interest me about the upcoming election. As Cheryl has pointed out several times now. No matter who gets elected we will have history made. Either our nations first black President or our first female Vice President. So maybe at least in some small way things may be heading in the right direction. At least those who didn’t have a shot for years now have a chance to step up and try their hand at doing things. My only problem with this is that the person elected won’t be the one guiding policies in almost all cases.

Now back to Mikey. Is his character all just an act? Only he and his family know the answer to this question. But lets say Mikey truly is the person he is portrayed to be. Would this really be that bad for a leader of the United States of America? Heck this nation elected a man who has since passed and loved by many that acted with a monkey for a living before becoming President. Could Orange County Choppers Mikey really do any worse of a job running this country? I’d say that with Mikey if he is truly what he seems you would get honesty and a straightforward opinion. I would tend to bet that Mikey would tell you what is on his mind with no bullshit involved. Aren’t we long overdue for someone who has a pair of balls to tell us what they truly feel and believe without twenty other people guiding them? By the way I’m not against the other gender without balls stepping up if they have the courage to be true to themselves and not follow their masters.

This country could use a bit more humor and party atmosphere now and then. So maybe in the end Mikey for President isn’t such a farfetched idea after all. Many would tell you we have done worse in the past.

For the record I’m no longer an Orange County Choppers ( OCC ) affiliate. It would seem the company has dropped their affiliate program without notice. Either that or they got pissed off at me for having low sales and maybe showing Mikey watching a wet T-shirt contest. Someone from OCC needs to come clean and admit that it was Mikey in that video I watched.

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A quick note to the parents on the left in the picture. I really wish people like you would stop putting your children on the top of that wall. Yes there are concrete seats below. But imagine your child falling down from there onto them. Every year I cringe and hope the people and small children who are placed on top of this wall do not injure themselves in what I’m sure they just see as a way to get a good picture.