Tesla Model S owner using Uptown Normal IL supercharger for first time

Once again I got lucky at the Tesla Superchargers inside Uptown Parking Garage in Normal Illinois. I was getting ready to get back on the elevator and head back to the Marriott hotel when I saw the unmistakable headlights coming around the corner. This is the second time I have lucked out like this.

I’d already been to the superchargers – they were empty. I was checking the Level 2 chargers to see if any electric cars other than ones always parked there were charging.

Just before I turned towards the elevator I saw the headlights. I stepped out as fast as I could and hit record. It looked like the driver slowed for the pedestrians – but was also checking out the Level 3 charger. I let him know what he was looking for was up one more floor. Later on I found out this was his first time supercharging.

I hopped on the elevator as fast as I could to get back up to the superchargers. I did get their in time to see the Model S coming around the corner. Unfortunately even though I thought I had the record button I hadn’t.

The owner was extremely friendly. I asked him how long he had owned her – since I saw an Illinois temporary license plate. If I remember right he said about 3 weeks. He was in town on business – had never used a supercharger before. The Model S has enough range even at highway speeds to get him back home – even though it is a fairly long drive.

He figured since the Tesla Superchargers were there in Normal he would give them a try – just for the experience.

I talked his ear off about electric cars – to the point where the car was done charging. I hadn’t got an inside shot of the charging process this time around. He was cool and let me try to capture the dashboard. My auto focus failed me again.

This video is several pieced together.

Disclaimer – I am a very minor Tesla Motors stock owner. Unfortunately I didn’t have near the amount of money I wanted to invest in this company. But I do own a few shares.

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