Illuminati Motor Works Seven burning rubber Atlanta Illinois Route 66

For some reason many gearheads still refuse to accept that electric cars have more power and ability to do same tricks as their gasoline powered rivals. An electric motor uses energy more efficiently and the power is always on. Press accelerator and that power is instantly there.

The noise in video is not a sound effect. That is an audio example of pure power from a fully electric car.

What is really interesting – is this car was made from the ground up by a group of people in Illinois – in the middle of nowhere. It shows American spirit of innovation and doing it yourself hasn’t fully died yet.

Illuminati Motor Works Seven is a car easily capable of 200 miles per charge. It seats 4 – and as the video shows it can pickup and go when needed.

Links below show how Seven started out. My interview with the builders in 2009 is there. For more recent history of the vehicle and where it has been – checkout Illuminati Motor Works website – also linked below.

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Illuminati Motor Works Seven EVTown event Atlanta Illinois Route 66

Automotive X PRIZE competitor Illuminati Motor Works Q & A ( time flies – doesn’t seem like that long ago – from 2009 ).

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Illuminati Motor Works workshop

Make Garage hiding out in Central Illinois

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Illuminati Motor Works electric car Seven takes it’s first test run

Illuminati Motor Works another Illinois Times interview

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