Little Blue 1975 CitiCar hangs out with Nissan LEAF Marriott Hotel Uptown Normal Illinois

When I saw this Nissan LEAF at around 1:30AM – I was hoping it would still be there 7 hours later. Lucky for me it was. The day before – EVTown held an electric car event in Atlanta Illinois. During that event Little Blue’s owner offered to take me out for a spin the next morning.

Once I saw this LEAF – I wanted to show both next to each other. A representation of old and new electric car technology.

What was funny – as the 1975 CitiCar pulled into the Marriott a couple was getting into their gas guzzling SUV. Lady looked really interested – husband less so – woman had a smile about Little Blue. As they looked on we setup the shot you see above.

Little Blue is very popular in Bloomington – Normal – she always seems to turn heads. Mitsubishi iMiev’s are all over both towns – they rarely if ever get a second look – I’d guess because there are so many of them. If Little Blue is driving by – everyone stops to look or take pictures.

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