VIZIO M3D550KDE 55” Class LED Smart TV still not working properly after service call

It’s been 7 months since I posted my first video of this problem. Multiple calls between VIZIO and SquareTrade turned into a fight – responsibility got passed around for awhile. SquareTrade finally sent parts and a technician to our home to try and fix malfunction.

The service technician was from a local company here in Springfield Illinois – Beatty Televisual – they have been in business for a long time. He thought problem might be do to a loose wire. A motherboard that was sent – he decided was bad and did not install. During his visit after servicing – television played fine and provided a quality picture. Technician stated to call in next few days if unit started to act up again. In about 2 days time – television did just that – went back to it’s old behaviors. Service tech was show one of my previous videos – so he could see malfunction in action.

Phone tag was played with technician. No resolution or future visit came about from these calls. It was stated we should go through all the usual troubleshooting steps. Try a non cable provider video source – to rule that out as problem. Did that multiple ways and got same results. Provided updated pictures of problem – again we just got left hanging. No replies – no future service call scheduled etc.

With work schedules and being out of town we ended up just dealing with a broken TV. As video shows – malfunction has gotten worse. We can no longer lightly tap on television to get it working properly. Now I have to tilt unit backwards and gently tab top multiple times to get a decent picture. As soon as I un-tilt our VIZIO M3D550KDE – picture goes back to distorted or at times a completely black screen. Takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to get things to work close to properly.

All previous calls to SquareTrade have been mixed in regards to customer service quality. Our recent calls last week gave us the same results. Some calls were polite and helpful – while others were downright rude and inconsiderate.

Recent calls have resulted in confusion about what is going to be done to resolve problem. Originally we were told if technician could not fix unit we would be given a new one. It’s fairly obvious that things did NOT get fixed and we have had no return visit. Although a few weeks back a small part from SquareTrade did show up at our doorstep. Unexpected – no advance notice and no service call scheduled.

After recent call I got an email stating problem was again being looked into. Never got an updated status email. So we called again – that call was nothing but drama. Supposedly SquareTrade has sent a check to us. Television will not see another service visit and we will receive monetary compensation. I’ll believe it when I see it. I think SquareTrade phone representatives just tell you whatever comes into their head to get you off phone.

Why did I choose a refurbished model? In the past I’ve had decent luck buying refurbished products. I had a very limited budget and want to get the most for money spent. Warranty was purchased just in case something went wrong. Which unfortunately it did – on the biggest refurbished item I have ever bought.

I recorded video with news program to show that this recording is new and up to date – not previously recorded before technician’s house call.

At this point I’m not sure what is going to happen. Will a technician call to setup an appointment? Will a check that won’t cover cost of new purchase show up? Not sure – all I know is we have been stuck with a television that hasn’t worked properly 90% of time we have owned it. No resolution seems to be forthcoming any time soon.

SquareTrade has not been good about email contact or updates. During each interaction we get told something different each time. This creates confusion and frustration on our end. Not a good way to get repeat customers.

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VIZIO M3D550KDE 55” Class LED Smart TV problem getting worse

VIZIO M3D550KDE 55” Class LED Smart TV with Theater 3D not working properly

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