Amtrak Rewards won’t give me earned SELECT upgrade

Not sure if Amtrak Rewards is just back to old behavior of taking ages to credit travel points. But I have still yet to receive credit for 2 recent trips.

Normally this is just a minor annoyance. This time around it is down right aggravating. I knew that my recent Amtrak rides would earn me a status upgrade. I’ve missed out on achieving this the past few years. While upgrade doesn’t earn me benefit I’m seeking – it does have a few perks and helps get me closer to my ultimate goal.

I have received no credit for recent forced Amtrak bus trip – do to ongoing Illinois track upgrades. Tickets were not pulled at St Louis Gateway Station as passengers boarded bus or any time after. I put in a missing points request a few days ago and haven’t heard back. No email stating my request had been received. No updates and no credit within my account – although I should be given TQP points for that trip.

More recently I traveled to Chicago on Amtrak Lincoln Service in Business Class. That trip has not been credited to my rewards account. Second segment of that trip – Chicago to Galesburg Illinois on Southwest Chief has been credited.

After bus trip I would have needed 4 TQP to receive my status upgrade. A trip to Joliet did not earn over 100 TQP like I had hoped it would. My Springfield to Chicago trip would have earned those 4 points. Chicago to Galesburg should have been at SELECT status and earned 125 TQP not 100 I got.

Granted it should all work out. One of my trips should get 125 TQP and earned total will be proper. Credits were just applied backwards and not in order of travel dates.

My account for over a week now has sat at showing 4 TQP needed. When it should show all credits and SELECT status achieved.

You would think with all of today’s technology and algorithms – rewards credits could be applied same day as travel. Unfortunately Amtrak is not running with most up to date technology. Certain politicians can be blamed for that.

From what I have read in past – everything should work out. Even with rewards points being credited in a backwards fashion. I just want to see my account showing status I have earned. I also do not like having to babysit rewards account to make sure credits are applied.

I’m starting to feel like Amtrak is punishing me for being vocal about customer service. I’ve been a loyal customer for many years and now have earned rewards status upgrade do to that loyalty. It’s past due for my account to visually show SELECT status. Long road to SELECT PLUS which is my goal.

No I shouldn’t have to call and sit on hold because Amtrak Rewards can’t get with the technology known as email. No website support chat offered either.

Yes Springfield to Chicago E-Ticket was scanned (pulled ) by conductor that day. E-Ticket QR Code scanned from my phone.

Update – I did finally get my SELECT upgrade same day I wrote this. Unfortunately my trip credits were not applied in order – so I was NOT given 25% Bonus Points. Amtrak doesn’t seem to get – some of us would prefer that to be bonus TQP instead of free travel points.

Had to call to get bus trip credited to Amtrak Rewards account. Put in a missing points request for Springfield to Chicago trip that hadn’t been applied.

No matter how we tried to explain it to lady on phone – she could not understand that credits were NOT applied in order – this is reason system hadn’t given 25% bonus. Supposedly she put in special request to have this looked at.

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