Nissan LEAF Marriott Hotel Uptown Normal travels to Hy-Vee Springfield Illinois

I was across street at parking garage checking out electric car charging stations ( they were empty ) when I saw what I thought was a Nissan LEAF at Marriott Hotel. In my video camera viewfinder I couldn’t tell if it was a LEAF or not. I also couldn’t see if anyone was in the car. Once I rushed down to Marriott – I could see this was a Nissan LEAF.

Since it was around 1 AM – I didn’t engage the owner in conversation. Especially once I saw he had his hands full with two children. The young boy kept a hard eye on me – even after Dad had entered hotel. Of course he didn’t know all I wanted to do was record his electric car.

Later in the video you can hear wedding drunks living it up – being obnoxious in front of hotel. It was same group of people that partied hard in Marriott lobby until close to 4AM. In my second floor room right above lobby I was less than pleased. And even though a few drunk guest seemed to be sleeping on couch – security did nothing – never asked guest to hold it down take party elsewhere.

For what you pay per night at this Marriott – I expected a lot more. Upcoming stay is at a rate of almost $500 for 2 night visit. You should expect stellar service – not Super 8 – Motel 6 level of service. We paid that to stay directly on water at Edgewater Hotel in Seattle – I can assure you standards there are of a much higher caliber.

Only reason Marriott keeps getting my business – is their location. Right across street from Amtrak and located near most events I come into town for.

Luckily for me – Nissan LEAF owner did not leave early. So I got a chance to record LEAF next to Normal Illinois EV legend Little Blue 1975 CitiCar. That video is linked below.

When we checked out and took me to Amtrak station across street – this Silver Nissan LEAF was still at Marriott charging.

Imagine my surprise when during my train ride home – my girlfriend text me with picture of a Silver LEAF. At time we had no way of knowing if it was same one from Marriott. As picture shows – photo isn’t exactly best. For safety and to follow Illinois law – further attempts were not made.

After we both got home – I asked my girlfriend to head to store to pickup some food. I had no idea what a shock I would be in for when she arrived at Hy-Vee. Honestly I wish I was this lucky in all parts of my life. I couldn’t believe it when she sent me a text with a Silver Nissan LEAF at Hy-Vee charging stations. At first this wasn’t that big of a deal – we have several local Silver Nissan LEAF owners. At the time I didn’t have license plate information – video handy to check. So I asked her to check for front end damage. I was completely shocked when she told me it had crash damage. This was same exact car from Marriott earlier in morning.

We assume electric Nissan she saw on I-55 was this one driving down to Springfield Illinois. It was just pure luck that we came across it at Hy-Vee. Girlfriend did not stick around to talk to driver. I would have really been interested in knowing where he was going and details of his adventure. License plate holder would suggest car is from Chicago area. In a Nissan LEAF that would take several stops at Level 2 chargers to just get to Springfield. Not sure if they traveled further South.

Later I checked – license plate matches up – as well as front end damage – it is same electric car.

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