Is this a supersized Japanese beetle

I’m not sure what type of bug this is. My thought do to it’s look – is that it may be a super sized Japanese beetle. If I’m right it is largest one I have every seen. I was thinking it possibly could be a pregnant beetle. I took no chances and flicked bug off rose and stepped on it multiple times.

Home we moved into a few years ago – has several rose bushes. These are Japanese beetle crack – it is one of their favorite food sources.

This year we applied Milky Spore and set out several Japanese beetle traps. Although numbers were less than last year – most likely do to cold Winter and Milky Spore application – traps still filled up.

Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix

Tanglefoot Japanese Beetle Xpando Trap

Safer Brand 70102 Japanese Beetle Trap

Safer Brand 70006 Japanese Beetle Trap Replacement Bait

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