Scientist create doomsday device and no one seems to care

Once again the human race is treading where it should not be. We now have the egos of scientist and billions of dollars invested in a science project that could effectively end the Universe within the next couple of weeks and no one seems to want to stop the experiment from taking place. There can be no safety measures that could prevent a melt down when playing around with the very particles that created existence. There are some things it just makes good sense not to play around with. Especially when the results could be a catastrophe that we can not come back from. If those in power all over the world have any sense at all they will put a stop to this process immediately. The risk just is not worth any type of gain that may be achieved. Those that feel they are above all of us mentally however would argue that they know what they are doing and that everything is completely safe. How times have we seen that type of attitude fail us? To many times to list. These scientist should put their talents to better use by solving problems the world faces not playing with atoms and such trying to destroy it.

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