Tesla Model S Springfield Illinois

Unfortunately I can’t take credit for finding this one. My girlfriend gets all the credit for capturing this Tesla Model S in Springfield Illinois. It is not Chicago politician’s car – license plate isn’t correct. Is this the one I have heard rumors about for a couple years that is an actual local owner? If so – this is first time we have come across the car in town. I’ve done a pretty good job of capturing almost every electric car in Springfield – only missing a couple that I am aware of – at most.

Location has been EV hotspot – at least 2 recorded in that area this week.

I can add a new Illinois electric car license plate to my collection 1327 EL.

So far I have recorded 226 EL, 228 EL, 229 EL, 236 EL, 332 EL, 382 EL, 383 EL, 518 EL, 531 EL, 547 EL, 585 EL , 662 EL, 668 EL, 942 EL, 1216 EL, 1309 EL, 1327 EL and 2210 EL

Disclaimer – I am a very minor Tesla Motors stock owner. Unfortunately I didn’t have near the amount of money I wanted to invest in this company. But I do own a few shares.

Update 10/6/2014 – The original picture is now below. It’s obvious that I now have video of same car. This is where story gets really interesting.

I had heard rumors for several years that a Tesla Model S owner existed in Springfield Illinois – I had no luck ever finding it.

Girlfriend got photo other day. Next day we had just left a home on Illinois Solar Energy Association Solar Tour – as soon as we pulled onto main road – we both saw and recognized Tesla Model S headlights. There a few cars that have similar setups – but Tesla has a fairly distinct look.

The odds of being on right street at right time – have to be astronomical. Seeing this Tesla that we hadn’t seen before – 2 days in row – also has to have some strange odds.

Because of where owner stopped – we didn’t engage them in conversation. I did give them a thumbs up a few times.

Video shows smooth instant acceleration of Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S Springfield Illinois

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