Illinois Bureau of Tourism does something smart in time of need

Honestly I should probably be insulted that it took someone so long to contact me about this. Especially since I have written about many Illinois locations that people could visit over the years. But no matter how bruised my ego might be I have to give credit to an idea that is thinking outside the box. This idea is a good one for many reasons. The first being that I’m unaware of any other state agency trying to communicate so openly with the online community. Right now the timing of this event is perfect. There is a big need to let Illinois visitors know what is going on in our state in regards to well known tourist destinations.

Unfortunately at this time budget cuts are once again causing problems with popular tourist attractions in Illinois. Some locations are closing down except for special events. While others are operating with limited days and hours. This has in fact brought aggravation to many Illinois tourist. Do to the fact that there is still some confusion as to when sites are operational. Although it needs to be mentioned that traditional media and tourism bureaus have done there best to keep everyone informed.

A perfect way to help Illinois tourism with this message is to have an open dialogue with the online community. Of course this also helps to further promote Illinois tourism in a way that may not have been used to it’s fullest in the past. I would also suggest that the Illinois Bureau of Tourism offer Illinois bloggers a bit of temptation to write more about adventures that can be explored in our state. If the Illinois Bureau of Tourism website would promote online writers stories this would give the writers more incentive to write articles about places to visit in Illinois.

Although I would like to attend this event this coming weekend. I won’t be able to attend do to a prior engagement. It’s also rather obvious that I haven’t been doing well in groups here lately. So it is probably a good idea for me not to be a part of this excellent idea. Hopefully others will take a look at this concept and create their own gatherings. It’s my opinion that this is how things should be done. It is a shame that more state agencies and corporations aren’t following this lead.

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