Norfolk Southern #5 Maryland private rail car attached to Amtrak Capitol Limited 29

Recorded this in 2 parts as I was boarding Amtrak Capitol Limited 29 heading to my roomette. Location is Washington, D.C.Union Station. There was one other person who stopped to take photographs. I had to fumble with getting my video camera out – since I was carrying all my bags. Boarding platform doesn’t have a lot of room to avoid other passengers and Red Cap vehicles. You can hear a Red Cap honking to alert me to get out of it’s way. That is reason for 2 part recording.

You can see this private rail car was occupied by at least one person on a laptop. I’m not sure if it was still with us when we reached Chicago Union Station. I was in a hurry to get settle in Metropolitan Lounge – so I didn’t take time to see if Norfolk Southern Maryland #5 was still attached.

This was my heading back home portion of trip after Amtrak Acela Express Quiet Car DC to New York and back round trip night before. Video taken on 12/11/2014.

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