Watershed Park walkway logo

Watershed Park walkway logo

Here is a picture of the Watershed Park walkway logo. Watershed Park is located inside of the Illinois State Fairgrounds. When you enter the park you should head towards the left. Some people of course would just keep walking straight. A small welcome center is located to the left of the entrance. This logo is located on the pavement heading that direction. 

“Watershed Park is an interactive and educational exhibit on water protection. Approximately one-acre in size, Watershed Park is located on the Illinois State Fairgrounds on the west end of Agri-Expo.

Featured in the park are thirteen exhibit stations where the public can learn about water quality issues in a watershed. Soil conservation, urban stormwater management, farm and home health and safety, integrated pest management, streambank protection, wetlands, and wildlife are among the topics covered in the park.

As visitors walk through the exhibits, they can enjoy the flowing stream, benches, and drinking water. The park is open during the State Fair and on special occasions such as Earth Stewardship Day.”

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Watershed Park Illinois State Fair 2008

Watershed Park Welcome Center 2003