Springfield Illinois Tesla Superchargers are now fully operational

I’ve been keeping an eye on Springfield Illinois Tesla Superchargers since becoming aware of them being built. I had been unable to get any information on when these charging units would go live.

I spent most of my morning in Normal Illinois. Took Amtrak up there to do a few things. Of course on every visit I check the original Midwest Tesla Superchargers located inside Uptown Station parking garage. Before I left town I had seen 3 Tesla Model S. Rest of my day included several iMiev, 2 Nissan Leaf and 2 Chevrolet Volt.

While heading home on Amtrak I saw 1 of 2 Chevrolet Volt ( Red ) at a Sherman bank ATM. I figured that would be it for the day. Unless we saw a local electric car owner or State of Illinois Nissan Leaf on South Grand.

Imagine my surprise when I found out how wrong I was. On way home from Amtrak station we drove by Hy-Vee ChargePoint charging stations – no luck. Just down road at Scheels in Legacy Pointe is where Tesla Superchargers are located. For several days now we hadn’t seen any Model S at this location. Honestly wasn’t sure if chargers were live. Only one has words TESLA lit up at night. Figured at best only one was operational.

As we started to pull into Legacy Pointe – we saw 3 Tesla Model S pulling out. It was then that we knew Superchargers must be working or were being scouted by owners. Decision was to try and record those 3 or check chargers. At that point we see a row of Model S all plugged in.

I hadn’t been given a heads up by anyone that an event would be taking place. Multiple owners from Chicago St Louis area were gathering and celebrating another Supercharger opening.

Got to finally put faces with online names I’ve seen for years. Several attendees were more than happy to talk about their cars and electric cars in general. Several gasoline engine drivers ( including us – unfortunately ) stopped to ask questions – including 1 heavy duty pickup owner.

I’m unaware if any official opening took place. There were definitely no local or State representatives present today. When I arrived many owners were just pulling in and getting settled. At no time did I see news crews covering event.

Even more interesting than perfect timing of catching this gathering – is 2 cars were those I saw at Normal Superchargers earlier in the day. I had spoken to them quickly as I exited Uptown parking garage elevator.

I’d assume everyone present were members of Tesla Motors Club – online forum devoted to all things Tesla.

Video quality is not best – I was not using my monopod – jumped out of car quickly. Since I had seen 3 cars leaving – I didn’t want to miss recording all cars that were plugged in. Video stabilization was off – previous videos this option seems to make content herky jerky.

I got my lowest Illinois EL plate number 11. Number 1 supposedly is in Springfield during State government sessions.

I can add a few new Illinois electric car license plate to my collection 11 EL, 406 EL 1218 EL, 2547 EL and 2576 EL.

So far I have recorded 11 EL, 226 EL, 228 EL, 229 EL, 236 EL, 332 EL, 382 EL, 383 EL, 406 EL, 518 EL, 531 EL, 547 EL, 585 EL , 662 EL, 668 EL, 942 EL, 1216 EL, 1218 EL, 1309 EL, 1327 EL, 2210 EL, 2547 EL and 2576 EL

I’ve actually got more just listing ones I’ve done articles with. Still missing a few to complete numerical sequence.

It sounded like most of these Tesla owners chose Engrained Brewing Company – per local owners advice. I made sure to mention Ill Tomasso Italian Bistro on opposite side of where chargers are located. Quaker Steak & Lube seen in video is no longer an option.

Tesla Motors Superchargers can only be used by Model S or upcoming Tesla models. Other electric cars have public charging options in various parts of Springfield Illinois. New locations have slowly come online. Route 66 in Illinois will have EV charging stations installed along famous route. This may increase choices in our area.

Only negative on these Tesla Superchargers = no solar canopy to power them. Not sure where Tesla is sourcing it’s juice for these units. If coming from Springfield – that would be CWLP – City Water, Light & Power – city owned coal plant – whose stacks can be seen in distance from chargers.

Springfield Illinois Tesla Superchargers are located Interstate I-72 Exit 96 MacArthur Blvd. A bit further down road is Interstate 55 – which is a major North South route in United States. If you miss I-72 connection from I-55 – which is easy to do – you will have to drive through town on Sixth Street – make a left at light after going under underpass by shopping center – this puts you on Stanford overpass – drive until you reach light at MacArthur Blvd – make left turn – continue until you see Scheels on right.

Chargers are well placed to provide recharging for Tesla owners on either Interstate. Some might argue that Walmart on Sixth street in Springfield would have been a better location. It is where both Interstates intersect.

Disclaimer – I am a Tesla Motors stock owner. Unfortunately I didn’t have near the amount of money I wanted to invest in this company. But I do own a few shares.

Update 1/6/2016 III Tomassos Italian Bistro Legacy Pointe Springfield Illinois to close Jan. 14 2016.

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Information on shopping and Level 2 electric car charging stations needs updated on page linked below.

Springfield Illinois Tesla Motors Superchargers

Tesla Motors Superchargers Worldwide locations

Closest Level 2 EV charging stations are at Hy-Vee in Springfield Illinois. Located on same road ( S. MacArthur Blvd. ) as Tesla Superchargers. These Level 2 chargers are just a short drive from Superchargers. These are ChargePoint chargers – require a ChargePoint subscription.

There is one Level 2 charger located across street from TGI Friday’s in Springfield. Charger is in front of Illinois Green Industry Association. It is free to use.

Nissan dealership listed as having Level 2 is correct. But that location is often ICED by gasoline vehicles. If you have ChargePoint subscription Hy-Vee charging stations are closer to Superchargers.

Memorial Medical Center parking garage in downtown Springfield Illinois also offers PEP level 2 charging stations. These are not free – require payment or subscription.

Illinois State Fair fairgrounds has a Schneider Electric Level 2 charger behind Illinois Dept. of Agriculture building. Not sure if public use is permitted.

Illinois Governor’s mansion in downtown Springfield Illinois also has chargers – again I’m not sure on public availability.

Springfield Electric on Ninth Street has a Level 2 charger. When I recorded it – it was secured and locked.

Springfield Illinois is now on this MAP – Supercharger Tesla Motors

Ill Tomasso Italian Bistro Springfield IL

III Tomassos Italian Bistro Legacy Pointe Springfield Illinois to close Jan. 14 2016

Engrained Brewing Company Springfield IL

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Legacy Pointe Springfield Illinois

Legacy Pointe Springfield Illinois

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Trip reports from gathering shown above.

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