Tesla Superchargers Indianapolis Indiana located La Quinta South parking lot

For my most recent stay in Indianapolis I stayed at Crowne Plaza Union Station. Unfortunately I did not book one of their Pullman Sleeper Car rooms. I had a room across street at Omni Hotel for my previous stay.

Cab ride to Indianapolis Indiana Tesla Superchargers from Crowne Plaza was not cheap. Spent a good amount of money for a couple minutes of video. Cab driver was nice and turned off meter – after I paid for first part of ride – waited few minutes to provide me a return trip downtown. All this took place during rush hour.

I had no luck in catching Superchargers in use. You can see that each station has words Tesla lit up in red. Springfield Illinois Tesla Superchargers only have 1 unit out of 8 lit up this way – although all 8 are operational. Normal Illinois Superchargers are not lit up at all.

Would have been nice if I had cab fare to visit Tesla Motors store at The Fashion Mall at Keystone. That would have been a much longer ride and even more expensive.

I also did not venture out to experience BlueIndy at Castleton Square Mall. BlueIndy is Indianapolis’ electric car sharing program that should be going live to public sometime this year.

“BlueIndy is based on the extensive experience of the Bolloré Group, which has deployed in Paris the world’s largest and most successful electric car sharing in the world, as well as similar services in Lyon and Bordeaux, France”

Indianapolis Indiana Tesla Superchargers are located in parking lot of La Quinta South Indianapolis 5120 Victory Dr Indianapolis, IN 46201.

Disclaimer – I am a Tesla Motors stock owner. Unfortunately I didn’t have near the amount of money I wanted to invest in this company. But I do own a few shares.

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