BMW i3 Drive Electric Week at Planetarium in Forest Park St Louis

After getting into St Louis on Amtrak – I headed to Four Seasons Hotel. By the time I got checked in and settled – there wasn’t a lot of time left for me to catch MetroLink to Drive Electric Week event at Planetarium in Forest Park. This electric car gathering took place in Planetarium parking lot.

I’d never ridden MetroLink to Forest Park. So when I got to my chosen station – it took some time to get oriented. I needed to catch Loop Trolley bus. Unfortunately while trying to figure out where I needed to be for this ride – I missed first bus. This made my chances of making gathering even less likely.

I had just exited Loop Trolley when I started recording this. You can see bus in video. Since I knew event would be closing down – I was in a hurry to record as much as I could quickly. Quality of video shows that. You also see a Chevrolet Volt after BMW i3 drives by.

Yes at beginning there is a glimpse of a Tesla Model S.

If I remember correctly that same Model S can be found in video below.

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