Why own a smart car

Then again I’m sure this quote will get a few eco-friendly car buyers thinking about a smart fortwo diesel like the one above.

“The brand also offers a diesel variant – the smart fortwo cdi, which is the world champion in terms of low CO2 emissions.”

Keep in mind though that their are very few diesel based eco-friendlier vehicles that are either coming into production or that are in the planning stages that won’t have you having to make capacity compromises.

One more reason buying one of these in the United States isn’t as worthwhile.

“Unfortunately, for America the MHD (mild hybrid system) that comes standard on all gas-powered 2009 Smart ForTwos sold in Europe”

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  1. I am considering the idea of owning one of the smart cars. I will be driving it with the intent of back and forth to work and an ocasional trip. What is the problem with my buying this vehical compared to somone driving a vwbug you drive yours and I’ll drive mine. Thank you.

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