Why own a smart car

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A Car Called Smart. Maybe Too Smart For The U.S.A. – BusinessWeek

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Tesla-powered Smart fortwo gives rides, ignites imaginations

Daimler taps Tesla’s battery know-how for electric Smart

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“I’ve experienced software glitches when driving a Smart Car that’s networked in the car sharing service City Car Share, and believe me it wasn’t fun. The Smart Car has a lot of embedded software, and the City Car Share service has its own software and IT systems, and I’ve had to call customer service several times in order to restart the computing system (kinda like rebooting a computer) to get the car to work properly.”

The Anxiety of Digital: Cars, Power Grid Up Next

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  1. I am considering the idea of owning one of the smart cars. I will be driving it with the intent of back and forth to work and an ocasional trip. What is the problem with my buying this vehical compared to somone driving a vwbug you drive yours and I’ll drive mine. Thank you.

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