Crowne Plaza Grand Hall and Conference Center inside historic Union Station Indianapolis

Video is a combination of recordings taken in 2013 and 2015. Starts off showing outside of historic Union Station Indianapolis – station is no longer in operation for passenger trains – it’s owned by Crowne Plaza and used as a conference center. Towards end we see bar area and Union Station Grand Hall. On my first visit a wedding was being setup – so I was unable to record Grand Hall. I didn’t have much better luck second time around. Recording clearly shows a police convention or trade show getting organized ( January 27, 2015 ).

Below I have linked my previous videos showing historical displays inside Union Station Indianapolis.

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Police car pulling into Crowne Plaza Union Station Indianapolis

Inside Indianapolis Union Station

Inside Indianapolis Union Station part 2

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Pullman Sleeper Car hotel rooms

Note to Amtrak Hoosier State Commissary

Riding Amtrak Hoosier State leaving Chicago leaving Indianapolis

Tesla Superchargers Indianapolis Indiana located La Quinta South parking lot

Bird hanging out inside Amtrak Union Station Chicago

Inside Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge Union Station Chicago Christmas 2012

Day and night statues Chicago Union Station

Joliet Union Station outside construction work finished

Chicago Union Station Master Plan Public Meeting December 15 2011

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