Riding Amtrak Hoosier State across bridge

I made mistake of wanting to ride Amtrak Hoosier State one more time before operations of route were handed over to a new company – most likely Iowa Pacific last time I read.

Last year Business Class seating and wireless Internet service were added to this route ( now discontinued – read notes below ). I wanted to experience this on Hoosier State to compare against my experience on other routes with similar service levels.

Train was running late – because a year after my first Hoosier State ride – Amtrak had not made operations changes to make sure train left Indianapolis – for it’s early morning departure on time.

Video shows part of my Amtrak Hoosier State trip heading back to Chicago from Indianapolis. Ride home was smoother than ride to Indy – which was an absolute bone rattling nightmare.

Recording was done from railfan window. Shows train crossing over bridge then starting to speed up a few minutes after.

AmtrakConnect® Wi-Fi, Business class seating and light refreshments will be discontinued on the Hoosier State, as scheduled, on February 1, 2015.

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Note to Amtrak Hoosier State Commissary

Riding Amtrak Hoosier State leaving Chicago leaving Indianapolis

NARP ( National Association of Railroad Passengers ) Board Chairman Robert Stewart’s presentation Purdue University Student Government members receiving awards for their efforts in helping Save the Amtrak Hoosier State

Amtrak Hoosier State passenger or rail trespasser Dyer Indiana

Police car pulling into Crowne Plaza Union Station Indianapolis

Inside Indianapolis Union Station

Inside Indianapolis Union Station part 2

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Pullman Sleeper Car hotel rooms

Tesla Superchargers Indianapolis Indiana located La Quinta South parking lot

It’s time Amtrak stopped treating Lincoln Service Business Class like Second Class

Amtrak business class passengers should be given First Class lounge access in St Louis

Amtrak Texas Eagle passes Lincoln Service viewed from railfan window

Looking out the back window Amtrak Lincoln Service

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Hoosier State Trains 850 and 851: AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi and Other Services Discontinued Effective February 1, 2015

The AmtrakConnect® Wi-Fi, Business class seating and light refreshments will be discontinued on the Hoosier State, as scheduled, on February 1, 2015.

In October 2014, Amtrak announced its demonstration of Wi-Fi capabilities and other services aboard the Hoosier State through January 31, 2015. The State of Indiana has chosen not to fund the continuation of these services.

INDOT is close to finalizing an agreement with Iowa Pacific as the new private entity involved with the Hoosier State

Indiana Department of Transportation Commissioner Karl Browning told the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee this week that INDOT and Amtrak are close to finalizing a 60-day extension of their current agreement, currently scheduled to end on January 31st

Amtrak adds amenities to Hoosier State line adding free Wi-Fi, modest food service and business class seating to passenger line that runs between Indianapolis and Chicago.

Amtrak adds Wi-Fi, food service to Hoosier State line as Indiana remains in talks with vendor

Amtrak upgrades planned on Hoosier State line

Indiana Department of Transportation faces multiple hurdles in trying to meet a Feb. 1 deadline to turn the Hoosier State rail line over to a new operator

Amtrak Hoosier State passenger-rail service between Indianapolis and Chicago will continue through Jan. 31, 2015

Truitt files bill Proposals to continue funding Indiana’s Hoosier State passenger rail service have come from the governor’s office and the General Assembly

Proposals to continue funding of Amtrak Hoosier State have advanced out of Indiana’s governor’s office and state legislature

State ends negotiations with Amtrak alternative Indiana DOT ended contract negotiations with Corridor Capital

Purdue Student Government unanimously voted to support the saving of the Amtrak Hoosier State Line

National Association of Railroad Passengers Helps Hoosiers Fight for the Hoosier State

‘Friends’ Offer Hoosier State A Little Help

Indiana Passenger Rail Association

State Rep. Randy Truitt filed House Bill 1217 Proposals to continue funding Indiana’s Hoosier State passenger rail service have come from the governor’s office and the General Assembly

Funding for Hoosier State: The Saga Continues Amtrak Rail Discussion

Will Amtrak keep rolling in Indy?

INDOT Studying Future of Amtrak, Hoosier State

Thank You For Supporting the Hoosier State We did it!

Agreement on Hoosier State line allows continuation for up to 16 months

State, Amtrak reach agreement on Hoosier State Governor announces passenger rail route will continue at least 1 year

Indiana, Amtrak Reach Deal To Fund Hoosier State Line

Indiana, Amtrak reach pact on Hoosier State

Amtrak, Indiana reach agreement for Hoosier service funding

Hoosier State saved by eleventh-hour deal

Funding agreement rescues Amtrak service in Indiana

Funding Found For Hoosier State Line

Services on Hoosier State? – Amtrak Rail Discussion

End of the line for Amtrak’s Hoosier State train?

Amtrak Hoosier State train is heading down the tracks to failure

Amtrak cutting the Hoosier State?

Hoosier State to be eliminated in 2013

Indy-Chicago train service in jeopardy

Hoosier State goes from Amtrak to Corridor Capital Amtrak Rail Discussion

Corridor Capital selected as the preferred vendor for Indiana’s Hoosier State route

The Hoosier State is an Amtrak passenger train that provides service on a 196-mile (315 km) route from Chicago to Indianapolis.

Scenes from Amtrak’s ‘Hoosier State’, Indianapolis to Chicago at 3X Speed, 07.06.12

14 hurt in Chicago-bound Amtrak Hoosier State crash with semitrailer Reynolds Indiana

Chicago-bound Amtrak Hoosier State collides with semi in NW Indiana, 24 hurt

Police: Truck Driver Saw Train Before Collision Amtrak Hoosier State

Two dozen hurt when Chicago-bound Amtrak Hoosier State hits semi Truck driver at fault

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