Should a virus writer work for an antivirus developer?

This question was asked several months back. When it was announced that an antivirus vendor would be employing a known virus writer. Security » Virus writer joins AV company   AntiVirus Protection Bookmarks Help Links page 2  Czech virus writer joins anti-virus firm  I know many don't believe in the reformed bad person theory. Tons of people still have hate for Kevin Mitnick Even though I personally feel he has proven himself. Security » Kevin Mitnick ZoneAlarm I can fully understand the thought of worrying about an ex-virus writer writing code to keep your machines safe. Companies and users worry that this person might add backdoors etc to the product. You honestly have to wonder what this move will do for the companies reputation and sales. They've public stated this is a positive thing. I guess only time will tell in the end. CNET is offering this in regards to the subject He's got the virus-writing bug. “For five years, Czech student Marek Strihavka programmed computer viruses as part of the underground group 29A. A twist of fate, however, has led the former virus writer to take a job stopping digital pests like those he used to create. About a year after leaving 29A, which takes its name from the base-16 representation of 666, the 22-year-old resident of Brno in the Czech Republic became the main developer of Zoner Software's antivirus system.”

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