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Tonight’s episode of Roker on the Road will feature the Springfield,Il restaurant Darcy’s Pint. Which unfortunately doesn’t have a web presence. So I can’t provide a link. You can see a capture of the newspaper article here. “Join Al Roker on the road as he takes his love of food and his fascination with people across America.” For the record ( at least in our case ) Al Roker was nowhere to be found. So if on tonight’s show he tells you how yummy a Darcy’s horseshoe is. Well he won’t exactly be telling the truth. Because he wasn’t here to taste this delicacy. “The horseshoe sandwich originated in Springfield, Illinois sometime in the early 20th century. Local lore names the inventor as a chef at Wayne’s Red Coach Inn, although this is subject to debate. You can get horseshoe sandwiches at most Springfield restaurants, at some restaurants in central Illinois, and at a few restaurants in other parts of the state. Horseshoes are not generally served outside of Illinois. A traditional horseshoe sandwich consists of: 2 pieces of Texas toast (thick sliced bread, lightly toasted), 2 hamburger patties (cooked to preference, usually medium), a mound of french fries (preferably skinny fries) and cover the whole thing with cheese sauce (preferably “Welsh rarebit”).”  Source Wikipedia click here to read more. Now keep in mind that others would firmly disagree with what is stated at Wikipedia. From what I’ve seen over the years. The horseshoe was invented by a chef at the old Leland Hotel in Springfield,IL. “Health conscious beware, only in Springfield will you find the “horseshoe sandwich,” created in 1928 at the old Leland Hotel. Named for the shape of the ham once used to top this open-faced sandwich, it features a secret cheddar cheese sauce lavishly poured over a meat of your choice (hamburger and turkey are popular) and topped with a generous pile of french fries, which represent the nails of the horseshoe.” Source Springfield Illinois Convention and Visitors Bureau  Only In Springfield. For those who may not know this. The Cozy Dog or corn dog was also invented here. “This traditional Route 66 diner is a part of the history of the Mother Road. The original owner, Ed Waldmire, was the inventor of the famous American food…the Cozy Dog or corn dog. These delicious treats can be found at every county and state fair from coast to coast. Inside the diner, you’ll find an amusing and interesting selection of Route 66 memorabilia and souvenirs.” Get them at the Cozy Drive In. “The Cozy Dog Drive In in Springfield, Illinois is the home of the one and only Cozy Dog. The Cozy Dog is a delicious hot dog on a stick that is found nation-wide at many county and state fairs.” Source Springfield City Guide – Springfield, Illinois by TravelEze.com.

For those of you who may happen to travel this way one day. Be sure to stop in at both of these fine establishments. They offer good food for a fair price. Darcy’s will be moving down the street from it’s current location in the spring of this year. On a final note. My girlfriends boss Jeff might be in this Roker on the Road episode. He and several other people were interviewed by the television crew when they were filming at Darcy’s late last year in September 2004.

The ‘Simpsons’ live here Maybe this Springfield, maybe not ajc.com  “The city is known for its Homerlicious sandwich called the “horseshoe” (burgers, fries, cheese sauce plopped atop a slice of bread); try one at local fave DArcy’s Pint (2413 S. MacArthur Blvd.).” For the record the creator of The Simpsons Matt Groening. Did live in the Springfield, IL area at one time.

The Simpsons Archive Where is The Simpsons’ Springfield

D’arcy’s Pint phone 217-726-9800

Update – My girlfriends boss, one of her employees Pete and another person from her work were in tonight’s episode.

“The capital city’s famed artery-clogging concoction, the horseshoe sandwich, will be featured in an upcoming segment of Roker on the Road, a Food Network program starring NBC weatherman Al Roker”

If The Shoe Fits Illinois Times

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Update 1/26/05

Changed spelling of D’arcy’s Pint to Darcy’s. To be more search engine friendly. Most people will look it up that way. Even though the company spells it D’arcy’s.

Update 2/14/05

I thought this blog post might be a fun read.

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I have a feeling this is where I’ll be dining this even.

I’d tend to agree that Yahoo and MSN aren’t providing the most useful results when searching for this term. AOL is using the Google search results. But then again this might just be a bit biased on my part. At least at this time.

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