DRY Soda company Seattle

DRY Soda company Seattle

While roaming around downtown Seattle in the general area of Pioneer Square Cheryl and I both got thirsty. Interestingly enough it was at about this same time that I noticed the DRY Soda Company. While I stayed outside and took pictures Cheryl went into to get us a couple of drinks. At least one of the bottles from that day got recycled here in Illinois. Maybe we brought both home and I just forgot that we recycled each bottle. I know one of the DRY Soda straws we got that day is in the kitchen somewhere after being washed. The closest place to me to get DRY soda would be in Champaign, IL. No local retailers or restaurants carry this product in my area. I think both of us liked the product enough to place an order online though.

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DRY Soda Seattle HQ Tasting Room revisited October 2015

What is in your drink

Does anyone make an organic drink that taste good

The front of DRY Soda in Seattle

DRY Soda right front window display 2008

DRY Soda Seattle HQ Tasting Room revisited October 2015

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Phix Yerba Mate natural energy drink

My adventures in Seattle Washington

Update 9/25/08

I should have stated above that DRY Soda is close to Occidental Park in Seattle. Occidental Park is a part of the historic Pioneer Square district.

DRY Soda About

Headquarters, Company Store and Tasting Room
410 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104
888.DRY.SODA (379.7632)

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