Why does Yahoo need a semi truck

Yahoo semi truck

I did a few quick searches to try and find an answer to my question. But I didn’t come across anything. When I saw this semi truck pulling out of the Spoon River rest stop in Illinois the other day I was in a rush to get out of the car and get a few pictures before it was gone. I can’t remember seeing a semi truck with a Yahoo trailer in the past. Unfortunately the 18-wheeler was leaving as we were pulling in. So I couldn’t ask the driver why they were pulling a Yahoo trailer behind his or her big rig. Why would Yahoo need a semi truck? Is there some special promotion that they use it for? Is this how they move equipment between offices? Or is this just a marketing strategy to help boost awareness of the Yahoo brand? Even if that isn’t why this trailer has the Yahoo logo on it. I’d say it in fact did do a good job of catching my eye and marketing the brand to me.

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6 thoughts on “Why does Yahoo need a semi truck”

  1. I saw the same thing between Boise, ID and SLC, UT. There were two Yahoo semi-trucks driving down the freeway – why would a web business need a large truck?

  2. While that would be a logical thought. Does Yahoo really have that big of a production at various trade shows and conferences to need a large semi truck? And if the answer is that simple then why is it that no one seems to have more information online? Yes I’m sure Yahoo can’t be bothered with actually doing a bit of public relations on sites they don’t deem on “their” level. But it would nice to have an official answer. A 53 foot trailer can haul a lot of stuff. I’ve loaded many smaller trailers years ago. So what type of trade show production would Yahoo being doing to require that large of a transport container?

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  3. The tractors are Owner Operaters that are leased on with Landstar/Ranger and are drivin in a “Team” operation to my knowledge. I beleive the trailers are simply just advertisements and the freight they haul have nothing to do with Yahoo. I beleive there are 2 trailers and I see these trucks parked at the “Ceva Ground” freight dock in Portland, OR every weekend.

    Heres a pic I took a few weeks back

  4. Michael You need to come back by on a Friday and look at the new wraps on the trucks. Now there are three of us.

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