Does Waste Management really recycle

Being a throw away society shouldn’t be something we are proud of. Honestly as a country I think we should be ashamed that we haven’t moved past this by now. Not only should recycling and reuse be encouraged it should be supported. By buying goods made from recycled materials and by making purchases from companies that just don’t fake being concerned about the world we live in. For the record I’m not claiming Waste Management is a company that truly believes in being eco-friendly. I believe they care more about the overall bottom line than their impact on the land. Most large companies have this same mentality. Which is another reason people don’t trust statements made from these corporations.

It was mentioned on Living with Ed on Planet Green that in Los Angeles recycled bottles with caps still on them are discarded and not recycled. This is yet another example of why consumers who take recycling seriously worry about where their bin contents are going and how they are put to use.

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Whoever runs the Waste Management website needs fired. Every link is a pop up and you can no longer easily find what materials are acceptable for recycling in your area.

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9 thoughts on “Does Waste Management really recycle”

  1. Having worked for their competitor Allied Waste, I can’t tell you for sure that Waste Management is sorting all the recyclable material. What I can tell you is that at Allied Waste the recyclables are sorted and sent to recycling centers, and not put into a landfill. Though some of what gets put into those recycling bins is truly refuse. It would make the job of sorting the material in those bins easer if people make sure that they only put things in there that belong in there, and not other garbage. By the way, I’ve seen the guys that work on those sorting lines, yes it has to be sorted by hand, and it’s not a great job.

  2. While I was aware that hand sorting took place and that many recycle bins have stuff in them that shouldn’t be there. I thought I had seen several shows that made it look as if some of that hand sorting had been reduced to a small degree. It would also make sense if we saw more facilities that could put some of the waste material to use as a fuel source. With more recycled materials being put to use and burning of other safe materials. We could in fact reduce the need for landfills and become a bit more self supporting in regards to our energy needs.

  3. This same question just came about at our neighborhood assoc. meeting. A few people swear that WM does not recycle the goods labeled recycle. How does one verify that items are being recycled? I see class action lawsuit if they were not. In such a green time, someone is always watching someone! I live in Belleville, IL. 10 min from St. Louis. I hope there is a larger facility there that things are recycled at.

  4. To be honest I’m not sure there are any real checks and balances. Since Waste Management & others collect recycled material for profit they could argue at times that it’s not in their interest to process these materials. However I think in some communities they may have contractual obligations to do so.

    I’ve never heard of any organization that keeps an eye on this type of thing. I’m also not aware of any municipalities that do spot checks to make sure the materials are in fact being processed.

    Have you ever seen this guy in Belleville, IL.?

    Segway at Grafton boat docks

  5. Hi, my name is Bill Plunkett and I work for Waste Management. WM is committed to increasing recycling volumes and has established a goal to triple its volume from 8 million tons a year to 24 million tons by the year 2020. We plan to reach this goal by increasing efficiencies in our operations, adding more recyclables to the materials we collect and by improving the technology involved in our collection and processing operations.

    To address Chris’ concerns in Belleville, I must first tell you that WM doesn’t provide service within Belleville city limits; this area is serviced through the city using its own municipal trucks. However, WM does provide subscription recycling and garbage services in the communities surrounding Belleville. In these areas, WM employs single stream recycling, which allows residents to put all of their recyclables in one bin for collection. Since the materials don’t need to be separated by customers, WM is able to use traditional garbage trucks for collecting recyclables, which increases efficiency. These trucks bring recyclable items to the materials recovery facility, or MRF, where they are separated and prepared for shipment to end markets by automated equipment.

    I’m happy to help with any other questions you may have regarding WM services. To get information specific to your community, you can contact your local WM facility.

  6. interesting! i just spoke with a client who lives in the Milwaukee, Wi area and as a business owner he deals with WM and have been on their site. To his dismay he has seen the recycling sorting center barren, he has seen them just dump all the goods right into the landfill! And all WM gets is a fine for doing so. Apparently WM is suppose to recycle a certain percentage of material by law, but the excess?! Well let’s face it, it’s not cost effective!! I am extremely outraged at this, but I am not totally biased either. I understand that some landfill owners or whatever do recycle (everything recycleable) but that we have no overseeing agency for other landfill operations seems a little less committed to me. I am going to research this more and do everything i can to change ignorant, lazy, just for the money behaviors!!!

  7. In Morrison, Il I have spoken to a former WM employee and he tells me that once the trucks enter the Prairie Hill Waste and Recycling center they all go to the dump site and it all gets dumped into the same area and nothing is recycled. I really want to challenge them on this but do not know the proper channels.

  8. A few notes. Single stream recycling is a process where the items are sorted at the transfer station and not at the truck so if they are all put into the same truck and not in a sorted compartment, that is by design. Recyclables can be collected in a variety of containers to include 96 gallon cans, front load and read load containers and 30-40 yard dumpsters, its based on the customers needs. Second to the comment it is more profitable to landfill then to recycle. That is incorrect, recyclable materials are a commodity and there is a world market for them.( it fluctuates like the stock market) Example large carpet makers buy the plastics and they are often converted into carpets. Countries like China buy large quantities of recyclable items for production. Simply put would you throw away that old coat if your neighbor was willing to give you a dollar for it? Of course not!

  9. It looks a little fishy to me. It was the first time I caught them (Waste Management)putting the recycle materials that we collect for them into a regular garbage truck. This allows them to recycle if they want or just dump it if they don’t feel like messing with it. We pay a fee for curbside recycling but I just called the parish (St. Tammany, LA) and they told me all that they check is that the trucks are permitted, etc. Typical government to sign contracts with vendors and then not confirm that they are doing what we are paying them to do. I wonder how much of the stuff we send actually gets recycled. I’m betting not much. The parish should only pay them for recycling if they have receipts and confirmation by weight of how much they actually recycled. Only a few people on our block recycle anyway so it may all be just a waste of time at this point.

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